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Everything about the Super Bowl, from the buildup to the game itself to the parties and annual traditions that fans have developed around it, to the halftime performance and, of course, the game itself, is the greatest spectacle in sports.

Super Bowl is a championship game, but how well do you know it? Some of these are right at hand for you. However, what about the others? They will be ideal for delivering at your upcoming Super Bowl party if you have time between snacking, commercial commentary, and the game.

Want to seem like the most knowledgeable individual in the crowd while watching this year’s Super Bowl? Read on a couple of these 21 interesting facts about the Super Bowl.

1. A Whole Calendar Year Without a Super Bowl Has Never Occurred

The fact that Super Bowl LV was played despite a worldwide epidemic lasting an entire year is a testament to the game’s status as an institution. Super Bowls have occurred annually without fail since the first one in 1967.

2. In 2018, People in Las Vegas Gambled a Record $158 million on the Super Bowl

Bets on the Super Bowl are a staple for casinos. Moreover, the 2018 Super Bowl was the most successful Super Bowl season for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The group claims over $158 million was bet on the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. However, less than 1 percent of those bets were winners after the Eagles stunned the nation with a 41-33 victory.

3. Only One Player From a Losing Team Has Ever Been Named Super Bowl MVP

A player from the victorious side is an obvious choice for Super Bowl MVP. True, that is the case for the most part. One time, though, a losing team member received the award.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys lost Super Bowl V to the Baltimore Colts, their linebacker Chuck Howley was chosen as the game’s most valuable player. Howley was the first player other than the quarterback to be named MVP.

4. Both the Steelers and the Patriots Have Won the Most Super Bowl

When 2019 rolled around, the Pittsburgh Steelers had six championships alone atop the list. However, with the Patriots’ victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, they tied the Steelers with the most victories in the NFL. The New England Patriots share the record for most Super Bowl defeats with the Denver Broncos, who have also lost five times.

5. Never Winning Twelve Teams

Twelve NFL teams joined the 2022 season without winning the Super Bowl: the Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Chargers, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings.

6. A Record Number of Points Were Scored in Super Bowl XXIX

Super Bowl LII, which the Eagles won 41–33, had 74 points, one point short of the record 75 established in January 1995 when the 49ers, led by great cornerback Deion Sanders, defeated the Chargers 49–26.

7. Over $5 Million is Spent on Commercial Time During the Super Bowl

The commercials shown on Super Bowl Sunday are a major attraction in and of themselves. They are more interesting than the game itself to some spectators. So air time may be pretty costly. CBS set the opening bid for 30-second commercials at $5.6 million for this Sunday’s game, as reported by Newsweek.

8. There Has Never Been an Overtime Period in a Super Bowl Before

New England rallied from 25 points down to force overtime in Super Bowl LI in 2017. In the end, Tom Brady and his squad scored six more points in overtime to defeat their opponents, 34-28.

9. Seven Different Teams Have Never Lost a Super Bowl Rematch

Sports Illustrated reports that only seven teams in NFL history have ever won consecutive Super Bowls. These teams are the Patriots (Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX), Packers (Super Bowls I and II), Dolphins (Super Bowls VII and VIII), Steelers (Super Bowls IX and X and Super Bowls XIII and XIV), 49ers (Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV), Cowboys (Super Bowls XXVI (Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII).

10. Joe Montana Was Undefeated in Super Bowl Appearances

For the scorekeepers at home, those were Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV. And in all of them, he didn’t throw a single pick.

11. Both of the Coaches in Super Bowl XLVII Were Relatives

The Harbaughs were the focus of Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. In that Super Bowl, both head coaches were named Harbaugh; John Harbaugh led the Baltimore Ravens, while his brother Jim Harbaugh led the San Francisco 49ers. The game was dubbed “The Harbaugh Bowl” and “The Harbowl” because of the rivalry between the two families.

12. On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans Consume the Equivalent of the World’s Second-Largest Population

Given the massive amount of wings consumed on that day, it’s no surprise that the United States Department of Agriculture has designated the Super Bowl as the year’s second-largest food consumption day. Which one is the largest? Of course, the Thanksgiving holiday

13. In 1973, Don Shula’s Watch Was Stolen by an Ecstatic Fan

A fan rushed out to shake the hand of Don Shula as the Miami Dolphins were being carried off the field following their 1973 Super Bowl victory. Instead of giving him a handshake, the fan took Shula’s watch.

14. The Bonuses for the Super Bowl Participants Are Substantial

There are bonuses associated with the Super Bowl. In 2021, the victorious team received an additional $150,000 for each player (whether they played or not). Every member of the losing squad still walked away with a respectable $75,000.

15. Tom Brady Has the Most Victories

Regarding quarterbacks in the NFL, Tom Brady has more victories than any other player.

Tom Brady, the former quarterback for the New England Patriots and current member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, holds the record for most Super Bowl victories by a starting quarterback with six. Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw tied with four victories each.

1 6. Cleveland Has Never Been to the Super Bowl or Even Hosted a Game

The Cleveland Browns of the National Football League have never appeared in a Super Bowl, and Cleveland is the only current NFL city never to have hosted a Super Bowl.

17. Super Bowl XLV Was the First Game in History Without Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders were absent from Super Bowl XLV for the first time in the event’s history. This is because neither the Pittsburgh Steelers nor the Green Bay Packers have a professional cheerleading group to perform during the game.

18. In the History of the Super Bowl, Just One Game Has Gone into Overtime

Super Bowl LI was the first Super Bowl to go into overtime. The New England Patriots won 34–28 over the Atlanta Falcons.

19. Super Bowl XLVII Had to Be Halted Due to a Power Outage

The Super Bowl XLVII had to be moved because of a 34-minute power outage at the Superdome in New Orleans.

20. When it Comes to Victories and Defeats, the New England Patriots Have a Lopsided Record

How many players do you think the losing team has? Both the Denver Broncos and

The New England Patriots have lost five Super Bowl games.

21. Peyton Manning is the Only Starting Quarterback to Win the Super Bowl With Two Separate Teams

Only Peyton Manning, who started for the Indianapolis Colts in 2007 and the Denver Broncos in 2016, has won the Super Bowl with two separate clubs. Super Bowl LV might decide whether or not Tom Brady plays alongside Manning.

Concluding Remarks

Every football team wants to win the Super Bowl, which is the biggest prize. This is the highest honor you can achieve if you’re an American athlete. Super Bowl LVI promises to feature some of the greatest athletic performances ever seen by fans. There will be exciting moments, a good time, and some groundbreaking shows.

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