What is the Quarterback Position in the NFL?
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Quarterbacking is one of the most crucial positions in football. It is crucial due to the distinct physical and mental ability to succeed in this position. Because of this, the quarterback has to be secured from all play.

Except for kick plays, quarterbacks can touch the ball during every offensive play in the football game. As a quarterback, your job is to lead your team toward the goal line and score as many points as possible.

The average team scores on a third of its offensive plays, which results in either a touchdown or a field goal score. You can clearly see that quarterbacks are under a lot of pressure to earn points each time they take the field.

Some of the game’s most famous names today, such as Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson, play quarterback.

QBs are at the heart of the offense. Most often, they are the ones to lead their team on and off the field.

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What is the Job of a Quarterback?

The main job of a quarterback is to shoot from the center and locate openings for the players downfield. Sounds easy? Not quite; one of the toughest challenges in football. With many moving parts on the defensive and offensive side of football, the quarterback has to display an impressive ability and a high confidence level to accomplish the task.

The second duty of a quarterback is to pass the ball. There are typically multiple receivers that are available for the pass. At first, it may seem logical for a quarterback to select one receiver as their preferred target for any game. Still, if that receiver becomes unprotected, they must quickly look around for other available targets before throwing.

A skilled quarterback will know the best options for each play and be capable of “check down” or “progress” through the receivers until he spots one who is available.

Quarterbacks need to collaborate closely with their receivers regarding routing and timing. A skilled quarterback can throw the ball, anticipate where the receiver will go, and hit the receiver at full speed.

In the most elite level of the game, quarterbacks’ responsibility is extremely demanding. He has to be able to alter plays when facing tough defensive angles, identify defensive coverages, and act as an extension to his coach on the field.

Who is the best QB in the NFL?

1. Johnny Unitas

Passing attempts5,186
Passing completions2,830
Completion percentage54.6
Passing yards40,239
Passer rating78.2
Passing touchdowns12

Johnny Unitas was the best quarterback of his time by a large margin during an era where neither his position nor the offense was. He won four Super Bowls for the Colts during his time.

Colts, in addition to being the top quarterback between 1956 and 1967. He was the only quarterback in the league to lead in TD passes for four consecutive games in 1957, 1960. Furthermore, 47 consecutive games featured at least one touchdown pass.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Passing attempts7,660
Passing completions5,001
Completion percentage65.3%
Passing yards59,055
Passer rating103.6
Passing touchdowns35

Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever seen in NFL history, but that doesn’t make him one.

Rodgers is the leader of all time with two crucial stats that define great QBs. The Passer Rating (104.9) and the TD/INT proportion (226 to 57).

He is an exceptional quarterback who, if healthy, can quickly regain his place as one of the league’s premier passers. He can outsmart some of the league’s newest lightning rods.

3. Joe Montana

Passing attempts5,391
Passing completions3,409
Completion percentage63.2
Passing yards40,551
Passer rating92.3

Montana was widely regarded as the greatest quarterback ever seen in the NFL. He was part of the most successful duo that has ever existed. This made him a team player along with Jerry Rice in the San Francisco 49ers and capable of winning the Super Bowl without the great receiver, proving his awe-inspiring abilities.

The most amazing stats is that during the Playoffs from 1988 until 1990, when he took home the championship twice, he played a total of eight games, all with a passer’s rating of more than 100 and a TD ratio of INT/TD 22:2.

4. Peyton Manning

Passing attempts9,380
Passing completions6,125
Completion percentage65.3%
Passing yards71,940
Passer rating96.5
Passing touchdowns20

The most impressive QB ever. Sometimes, Peyton Manning looked like the image of a robot. His ability to switch plays and read defenses in the snap count was impressive, as were his handling and resiliency.

5. Tom Brady

Passing attempts12,050
Passing completions7,753
Completion percentage64.3%
Passing yards89,214
Passer rating97.2
Passing touchdowns31

As Aaron Rodgers is unquestionably the greatest quarterback ever seen on football fields, Tom Brady is its crowning glory, and nobody disputes that fact. It was perhaps a moot point when he was younger, but after he won his seventh ring aged 43, with a brand new team, and became the first player to take home in the Super Bowl at home.

Brady has many records, and the most remarkable fact is that despite his age, he still plays at the top level. Brady is the oldest player to be awarded MVP (40 years) and the Super Bowl MVP (43). In his 17-year career, he was to the Super Bowl 9 times and was eliminated eight times.

Who Are the Top 10 QBs in the NFL Right Now?

RankQBWeighted AveragePFF AnalystsPass Grade/SnapOverall Grade/SnapPFF WARPFF WAR/SnapEPA/Pass
1Patrick Mahomes2.261.2535222
2Joe Burrow2.791.7513118
3Josh Allen3.603.0051345
4Tua Tagovailoa6.3511.0026933
5Jalen Hurts7.054.007481010
6Justin Herbert9.285.5012156813
7Kirk Cousins9.3010.006114617
8Geno Smith10.209.0011127914
9Lamar Jackson14.209.00172191818
10Dak Prescott16.0316.50201818217

1. Patrick Mahomes

Passing attempts2,993
Passing completions1,985
Completion percentage66.3%
Passing yards24,241
Passer rating105.7
Passing touchdowns11

Mahomes is an unknown star to change our perception of quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes is the quarterback for evaluating future and presents quarterbacks.

The signal-callers ability to think creatively under pressure, his ability to playmaker beyond the structure, and his dependence on arm strength alone are more crucial than ever before.

Great players prosper when they have everything set up for them to excel. The best players can overcome obstacles. Mahomes was supposed to be struggling, yet he managed to throw for over 4,700 yards for the second consecutive time in his four-year career and led Kansas City’s fourth-ranked passing attack in 2018.

Mahomes faces a unique set of difficulties this season as the Kansas City Chiefs have recently traded wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins, creating a difficult dynamic between himself and Hill that could affect Mahomes and his teammates on offense.

 It’s unnecessary to be concerned regarding how Mahomes adapts, as he’s already proven capable. Expect an improved and more accurate quarterback in Kansas City’s offense, with a few moments of flair for the dramatic.

2. Joe Burrow

Passing attempts1,530
Passing completions1,044
Completion percentage68.2%
Passing yards11,774
Passer rating100.4
Passing touchdowns35

In the last two years, Joe Burrow has been as cool and steady as any other quarterback on the field. Joe Burrow has earned his position thanks to his accomplishments during the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

One season was necessary for Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton – the No.1 overall draft pick – to transform one of the league’s worst teams and help lead them to Super Bowl 51.

Sure, Burrow has the chance to compete with one of football’s most talented wide receivers: Ja’Marr’s Chase Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd. But he’s mostly played with a poor offensive line, but it isn’t hindering Burrow from winning important games.

In the season that saw Burrow lead all quarterbacks in completion, Burrow’s percentage of 68.3 percent was good enough for second place overall. Burrow and Allen placed second on the list with 35 passing touchdowns, but Allen’s Bengals quarterback threw two fewer interceptions.

3. Josh Allen

Passing attempts2,566
Passing completions1,604
Completion percentage62.5%
Passing yards18,397
Passer rating92.2
Passing touchdowns38

Josh Allen is the top QB in the NFL right now. With a booming arm and being among the top players at this position recently, Allen is a Bills quarterback and a bit unreliable at times. While prone to making mistakes, Allen is a top-three QB at best.

Allen’s remarkable two-game run during last year’s playoffs earned them the most popular MVP candidate for 2022. He was a force to be reckoned with, doing everything possible to give Buffalo their premier Super Bowl ring, completing 77.4 percent of his passes, resulting in 9 touchdowns and 637 yards, and adding 134 yards of ground.

Allen is a gunman with an arm and a high level of mobility. Allen has proven himself as one of the premier runners in the AFC this year and has been key in leading the Buffalo Bills running game this year. He recorded 762 rushing yards in 2022. He has also recorded at least six rushing touchdowns each year since his debut season in 2018.

Allen has created a top-three scoring offense over three consecutive seasons, with close to 1.7 combined fumbles and interceptions. Every game harmed his chances of being regarded as the top QB in the NFL right now.

4. Tua Tagovailoa

Passing attempts1,078
Passing completions708
Completion percentage65.7%
Passing yards8,015
Passer rating95.0
Passing touchdowns25

Tagovailoa is another quarterback who might be a better choice in this ranking. He owns an overall record of 21-13 as a starting quarterback and has proved himself an accurate passer. Additionally, his number of touchdowns has increased exponentially while playing in the NFL.

Tagovailoa may not have the most powerful arm, but he’s adept at throwing with superb ball-handling. This helped him achieve an NFL-best 105.5 score in the 2022 season.

The biggest obstacle holding Tagovailoa behind is his health. He has yet to play over 13 games during the NFL season and has dealt with various ailments.

If Tagovailoa can avoid hitting and injuries, he can rise on this list due to his exceptional accuracy and ball-handling ability. However, the possibility of another injury limiting his performance — or, even more importantly, putting an end to his career puts him into an average position on these rankings.

5. Jalen Hurts

Passing attempts1,040
Passing completions648
Completion percentage62.3%
Passing yards7,906
Passer rating92.2
Passing touchdowns26

A potential MVP-caliber season in 2022 has pushed Jalen Hurts into the top ranks of the NFL quarterbacks. Although it is yet to be determined whether Hurts will sustain this performance level for the foreseeable future, The Philadelphia Eagles star has made it in the spotlight of the top signal-callers.

The Eagles almost went undefeated thanks to Hurts as their center, finishing 14-1 in his fifteen starts. Hurts smashed defenses with his legs, running for 13 touchdowns and 760 yards.

The third-year QB also became one of the most effective football players. Hurts’ 101.6 passer rating and 8.0 yards per try were among the upper four.

What Hurts does during the playoffs will determine whether he’s a top-five quarterback. Hurts’ performance was disappointing in Philadelphia’s wild-card loss in 2021’s season. The remarkable improvement shown each year indicates that he’s on the way to becoming an elite playoff quarterback.

6. Justin Herbert

Passing attempts1,966
Passing completions1,316
Completion percentage66.9%
Passing yards14,089
Passer rating96.2
Passing touchdowns38

In his first season as a rookie, he set numerous record-setting leagues, including the record for most touchdowns thrown (31). He grew on his initial performance and was a Pro Bowl in Year 2 after completing 514 yards with 38 touchdowns.

Justin Herbert is the complete package from the mental and physical aspects. The 6 ‘6 tall Herbert weighs” and weighs 236 pounds. Although he’s big, his body is agile, and he is a dependable runner to extend the game.

The third-year quarterback also sports an oversized cannon that is strapped on his shoulder to the right. Herbert has an amazing ability to throw across the field when in motion.

The 24-year-old is truly incredible, as well. Herbert took home the William V. Campbell Trophy, also known as the academic Heisman, at the end of his year on campus.

7. Kirk Cousins

Passing attempts4,866
Passing completions3,249
Completion percentage66.8%
Passing yards37,140
Passer rating97.8
Passing touchdowns

Kirk Cousins doesn’t and has never been recognized for his talent. He’s likely to be rewarded right now. Cousins is always in the top 10 QB in the NFL right now, of various statistics every year.

Cousins has quietly racked up the fourth-best quarterback rating of the NFL this season, throwing 33 touchdowns but just seven interceptions. He was 9th in the passing miles and 9th for passing touchdowns.

The Minnesota Vikings finished the season with an equal record when Cousins was on the field; it would be difficult to find any game where Cousins did not appear this season.

Of the eight games Cousins lost, the mean winning margin was just 4 points, with just one loss being by double figures. The Vikings were one of the more successful “bad” teams in the NFL, and Cousins isn’t solely to blame for their underperformance.

8. Geno Smith

Passing attempts1,578
Passing completions991
Completion percentage62.8%
Passing yards11,199
Passer rating84.8
Passing touchdowns9

Smith is an exceptional quarterback who has added both speed and a deep-ball approach to his play.

If he can maintain some consistency, particularly under the hood, Smith could truly revive his career in the coming year and be a Rich Gannon or Brad Johnson-type story.

Geno Smith played well at the start of the season. He then had an occasional dip in the second portion of the year. Overall, Smith proved he absolutely could be a starting NFL quarterback. Maybe the ease of mind before the start of this year’s training camp will enable me to grow even more to be one of the most gratifying players of this season.

9. Lamar Jackson

Passing attempts1,655
Passing completions1,055
Completion percentage63.7%
Passing yards12,209
Passer rating96.7
Passing touchdowns24

Lamar Jackson is one of only three current AFC quarterbacks to win MVP. He won it in 2019 and is the top football player in the NFL.

Five players in the current roster have received an MVP award. This puts Jackson in a unique category of quarterbacks. Jackson has a record of 1-3 and a dismal 68.3 passer rating in the games are the most important.

Jackson is truly exceptional in the world of extraordinary athletes. He’s been MVP of the team, was the top player in touchdown passes, and set new record-breaking rushing statistics for quarterbacks.

Jackson is regarded as one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the NFL when healthy. He’s racked up more than 1,000 yards twice during his career and has twice topped the NFL with yards-per-carries.

Lamar will likely return to an enviable position within the top 10 teams next season. He will likely have an extension of his maximum contract to prolong his stay with Baltimore Ravens.

10. Dak Prescott

Passing attempts1,255
Passing completions698
Completion percentage66.6%
Passing yards24,943
Passer rating97.8
Passing touchdowns26

Prescott had answered plenty of questions when he led the Cowboys in a win over the Buccaneers in the playoffs for wild cards. As the face of the NFL’s most loved team, Prescott has firmly established himself as one of the top 10 quarterbacks by consistently running the NFL’s most effective offenses and winning numerous playoff games.

Dallas Cowboys has scored the most points of any team in 2021. Following Prescott’s recovery from his thumb injuries suffered during the 2022 season, the Cowboys scored at or near 24 points over ten consecutive games, scoring an average of 35.1 points per game.

Prescott has the speed and mobility to win games in the modern NFL. His 15 interceptions made in only 12 games are not common and are unlikely to occur again in the future.

How Many Quarterbacks Are in the NFL?

In accordance with Field Yates, as part of the rules, the third quarterback must be included on the team’s 53-man roster and is not permitted to play unless there’s an injury. So, a team cannot put two quarterbacks on the bench for reasons of performance to play a third.

What is the Average height of an NFL Quarterback?

The height average of an NFL quarterback is 74.56 inches, roughly 6’2 1/2 inches. A great quarterback was average at 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters).

What is the Average Salary of an NFL Quarterback?

If you are searching for the average salary of an NFL quarterback, this figure exceeds two million dollars annually. But, this figure does not reflect reality because it is distorted by extraordinary salaries earned by famous quarterbacks and other top players.

To better understand this baffling paradox, imagine a group of 10 people. If one is a superstar quarterback making $20 million yearly, the other nine players receive $50,000 in a year. The average salary for the entire group is $2,045,000.

While the top quarterbacks make between $25 and $30 million annually, The average wage of all quarterbacks is $5766,000, with a median of $1100,000. Defense players receive significant pay, with an average salary of $2,625,000 and a median of $847,300.

Bottom line

Quarterbacking may be one of the more glamorous positions in football, yet it also presents one of the greatest physical and mental challenges.

Although a quarterback only has two primary responsibilities on the field, such as throwing or handoff, there’s much more to these tasks.

If you want to become a top quarterback, work out to the max, and actively participate in the game.

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