How to Watch Super Bowl on Roku

One of the most exciting sporting events that take place throughout the year is the Super Bowl. In 2024, if you want to watch the Super Bowl live stream on Roku without spending any money.  One of the greatest choices available is the Roku. Anyone with a Roku streaming service will have access to a live stream of the game.

In addition to that, Roku also provides a free option. Not only can you watch the live stream, but there are other exclusive options like interviews, unseen footage, and highlights as well.  Most streaming services today come with Roku applications preinstalled. Therefore, cable cutters do not need to be concerned about how they will stream the game because Roku has them covered. In this article, we will go over the steps necessary to watch the Super Bowl on Roku.

Available Streaming Service Sling TV, ESPN, CBS, fuboTV, NFL
Available Free OptionsfuboTV, Sling TV, NFL

Ways to Watch the Super Bowl on Roku

On Roku, watching the Super Bowl is possible in a variety of different ways. There are a number of streaming platforms that Roku is compatible with. Below you will find everything you need to know.

Sling TV

There are two different streaming platforms offered by Sling TV, known as Sling Blue and Sling Orange. In some locations, the official broadcaster NBC is not available. Adding the Sling TV Roku channel lets you watch the Super Bowl even if CBS is unavailable. 

Only $35 a month is required to see all 42 channels in the Sling network. If you sign up for the service to watch the game within their free trial period of seven days, you won’t be charged.


ESPN is another alternative many people choose. Roku users can watch the Super Bowl through the ESPN app. To access ESPN+, you must have an active subscription. You will be able to stream the game in real-time as well as access exclusive highlights.


The CBS app is another alternative that comes highly recommended. One of the most enjoyable ways to watch the Super Bowl is to do so in this manner. CBS has Roku available. Live and on-demand viewing will be available to subscribers.


fuboTV is also accessible on the Roku streaming media player. This is one of the most expensive options. It costs $65, but subscribers have access to more channels. If you only need fubo to watch the Super Bowl, you can get a free trial for the first 7 days.

NFL Game Pass

With Roku, you can access NFL Game Pass. A subscription to NFL Game Pass is required to use this app. The NFL app may be purchased for $4.99 per month or for $39.99 per month for the full season. You only need to download the NFL app to watch the Super Bowl live.

How Can You Stream Super Bowl on Roku for Free?

There are a few ways to watch the Super Bowl for free on Roku. Certain services, such as fuboTV, Sling TV, and ESPN, offer free trials. Therefore, if you only utilize this for the Super Bowl, there is no need for you to pay the monthly subscription charge.

Launching the NFL app from the Roku channel store is yet another alternative. You may watch the Super Bowl online for free with this alternative.


If you are a fan of the Super Bowl, you have probably looked into several ways to watch the big event on your television without having to use a cable subscription. Roku is one of the valid options for watching the Super Bowl.  This post is one of the finest ways to discover how to watch the Super Bowl on Roku if the device you are using is compatible with Roku. We appreciate you reading this. Happy streaming.

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