How to Watch Super Bowl On NFL Game Pass

If you want to watch the Super Bowl 2024, NFL Game Pass is the best choice. NFL Game Pass provides the complete Super Bowl experience, giving you a better view of the action. You can stream the game live or on-demand across your laptop, desktop, smartphone, smart TV, and consoles.

Through NFL Game Pass, don’t miss one second of your favorite teams in action when they begin their journey to win the game. You can use NFL Game Pass worldwide (outside the U.S. and Canada). However, certain games are blocked in certain regions of Europe too. Only customers who sign-up with Game Pass from select locations can stream the game.

We will discuss how to watch the Super Bowl live stream on NFL Game Pass and give you a clear idea of why NFL Game Pass is worth streaming.

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How to Stream the Super Bowl With NFL Game Pass

You can watch the Super Bowl live online or on TV with NFL Game Pass. With 24-hour coverage of all the action throughout, the NFL Game Pass brings the full American football experience to Aussie homes.

To gain access to all the capabilities of the platform, you’ll need to buy the full NFL Game Pass Pro subscription for the 2023-24 season. Prices for the season come to around $280.99 for the entire year. You can choose between buying upfront or four parts for $74.93 in installments. A free trial of 7 days is offered to new subscribers.

You’ll be able to live stream every NFL game, including every playoff game and even the Super Bowl 2024. Also, you’ll get the latest news, scores, and statistics of the game.

A complete NFL Game Pass membership lets you access the game. Search for play types or team names to find the exact time you’re looking for. If you’re running short of time, NFL Game Pass offers reduced versions of each game, and games can be downloaded to stream offline.

Your connection to the internet and your device’s capabilities determine your quality of playback. If your connection isn’t at the minimum rate of two Mbps or greater, You may be able to receive audio-only streaming for uninterrupted coverage.

NFL App Compatible Devices

You’ll have to download the authentic NFL application to watch the Super Bowl on NFL Game Pass. The app is available on both the Google Play and iOS App Store and is accessible through a wide range of well-known streaming devices.

After downloading your app, you’ll have to log in using the NFL account linked to NFL Game Pass for the first time to begin streaming. You can also sign in with a TV service, Season Ticket Holder, and Paramount account to access more NFL application content.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on NFL Game Pass With VPN

  • Step 1: Choose an efficient VPN that is adept at blocking geo-restricted content.
  • Step 2: Make sure you sign up for a plan, then connect to the VPN on your device. 
  • Step 3: Locate a server on which to connect.
  • Step 4: Launch NFL Game Pass.
  • Step 5: Enjoy a relaxing time and enjoy the Super Bowl

Where Can I Sign up For a Free NFL Game Pass Trial?

The most effective method to determine whether NFL Game Pass is for you is to try it at home. After signing up, the service gives you the opportunity to try a free trial for seven days.

Be aware that before signing in, you’ll have to log in to the NFL account. You can make an account if you don’t already have one by following the instructions.

After you log in, you’ll be asked to provide your credit card information. The accounts will begin to be debited once the free trial period of seven days has ended or unless, in which case, you decide to cancel. (And yes, you can end your trial at any time during the trial period.)

Is the Game Worth Watching on NFL Game Pass?

Yes, NFL Game Pass is worth watching the Super Bowl. If you want to enjoy the game with your friends and family, then NFL Game Pass will be an absolute streaming service.

The league itself offers it; NFL Game Pass costs $99.99 per season. It lets you watch every NFL game without commercials following the game’s broadcast.

NFL Game Pass’s extensive collection of on-demand content includes documentaries, archived games, and analysis shows. In addition, if you want to watch live games like the Super Bowl through in-app broadcasts from home and away.

Although NFL Game Pass doesn’t include live games during the regular season for fans in the United States, it includes live preseason games outside of the market.


NFL Game Pass Free is an annual subscription that is completely accessible for free, without credit card information needed. When you subscribe, you can have access to NFL Network 24/7 game highlights.

Additionally, you can get access to the game previews and selected NFL Original Programs, which include subtitled features. When you subscribe to NFL Game Pass Free, you can watch the Super Bowl across multiple devices.


Can I watch the Super Bowl on NFL Game Pass for free?

Yes, you can stream the Super Bowl for free on your mobile device using Yahoo Sports or NFL Game pass. Also you can also watch the game over the air through NBC’s broadcast network, which is technically available for free. Enjoy the game!

Can you watch the Super Bowl on NFL Game Pass with a VPN?

Yes, you can watch the game on NFL Game Pass with a VPN. Begin by signing up with an efficient VPN like NordVPN. Once you connect to a server outside of the US, go through NFL Game Pass International and register. Now you can stream the game from any place around the globe.

How much does an NFL Game Pass cost?

All replays are accessible for a subscription for less than $100. The subscription starts from the moment you sign up until just before the beginning of the next preseason.

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