How to Watch NFL Games on Xbox

The NFL 2023 is fast approaching, and being a die-hard fan of the game, you are probably looking for the best option to watch the NFL games live. But you do not need a separate device if you already have an Xbox.

Let us guide you on how to watch NFL games on Xbox. You have multiple options like NFL+, fuboTV, Hulu, Sling TV, and more.

How to Watch NFL Games on Xbox in the USA

If you are in the United States, you are lucky. There are plenty of alternative options available for you to watch NFL matches. You can go for any of the plans mentioned below:

PlatformSubscription plansCost Free-trialScreensChannels
7 days
7 days
HuluHulu + Live TV (with Ads)
Hulu + Live TV (No Ads)
7 days10
YouTube TVPremium$54.99 60 days3100+
Sling TVSling Blue+Orange$557 days351
Prime VideoPrime subscription$14.9930 days3100

If you only want to watch NFL games, then you can go for NFL+. However, you are not going to watch football all day. It would be better if you had other options for entertainment. Therefore, you can go for other options that stream many channels and offer you a lot of entertainment.

Though Prime Video costs very little compared to the other platforms, it might not be the best option for NFL fans. Prime only has the exclusive right to telecast Thursday Night Football, while the other platforms will broadcast Sunday Night Football and Playoffs. You can also watch NFL RedZone by purchasing add-ons.

Below is a list of the add-ons and their cost so that you can make your decision on which platform to choose:

PlatformAdd-onMonthly cost
YouTube TVSports Plus$10.99
fuboTVSports Plus$10.99
Hulu + Live TVSports Add-On$10.99
Sling TVSports Extra$10.99

How to Watch NFL Games on Xbox Outside the US

The streaming platforms mentioned above are mostly based in the United States. The services of these platforms are restricted in many parts of the world. So, in case you are not in the US, will you miss the NFL? Of course not.

The NFL has made a worldwide fanbase, so there are streaming platforms outside the USA that broadcast American football. Foxtel and DAZN are two of the best options for fans outside the United States.

The cost for a DAZN subscription varies depending on your location. You can check their website for that. Foxtel also has several subscription plans for you:

Membership PackMonthly CostMonthly (After 12 months)
Foxtel Plus$49$49
Sports HD + Foxtel Plus$50$74
Movies HD + Foxtel Plus$50$69


Can I watch NFL games on Xbox using VPN?

You cannot install a VPN directly on your Xbox One. Nonetheless, there is an alternative way. Try connecting your Xbox to a VPN-protected computer, Wi-Fi router, or mobile hotspot.

Can I watch NFL games in HD on Xbox?

Yes, you can watch all the live actions of the NFL in HD on your Xbox. You need to go to the video setting and set the video resolution you prefer to do so.


Watching NFL games live on your Xbox can be a new and great experience for you. Follow our instructions on how to watch NFL games on Xbox, and there won’t be any trouble. Whether you are in or outside the United States, you can enjoy live NFL streaming on Xbox in high definition.

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