NFL Games on NFL+: How to Watch, Price, and Plans
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As an NFL fan, you surely don’t want to miss any match, not even the out-of-market ones that are not broadcast on your local television channels, do you?

Then NFL+ is the best solution for you. It lets you watch every local & primetime Regular Season and postseason game.

What is NFL+?

NFL+ is a subscription-based service provider that lets you enjoy all the NFL games on your Mobile and Tablet.

It saves you from waiting in front of the television. You can go out and still enjoy all the action. NFL+ offers you the following:

  • Live preseason games are usually not broadcast on local TV channels.
  • Live streaming of local and primetime regular season games and postseason games.
  • Ad-free NFL library programming on-demand.

NFL+ Price and Plans

NFL+ has two subscription plans for users. They are standard and premium subscriptions. Both plans are very budget-friendly.

Subscription planMonthly costYearly costAds
Standard$4.99 $39.99No

1. Standard

The standard plan comes at a very low price of $4.99 per month. If you take the yearly plan, it will be only $39.99, meaning you can save approximately $20. The plan offers you all the live games of the NFL, including preseason and postseason matches.

The best part is there is no ad in the standard plan.

2. Premium

Users have to spend a little extra money to get premium service from NFL+. You will enjoy all the services of the standard plans and some extra. With the premium subscription, you can watch all the game replays, live audio, and all-22 coaches’ angle films.

The cost for a premium subscription is not much higher either. The monthly subscription is only $9.99. But you can save $39.89 with a yearly premium plan of only $79.99.

Supported Devices

NFL+ is mainly a platform for Mobile and Tablet users. However, the preseason games are available on a wide range of devices. You can watch preseason games on your Android Mobile, Tablet, or TV and computers connected to the App.

Regular season games are only streamed live on the NFL+ app, so you can enjoy them on your Mobile Phone or Tablet. Premium subscription users can enjoy all the game replays on both mobile and tablet. NFL+ is also compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

How to Watch NFL Games on NFL+

Watching NFL games on NFL+ is a very simple process.

  • First, you need to sign up for NFL+. To do so, you can visit or use the NFL APP on your mobile device, Smart TV, or connected device.
  • From here, you need to create or log in to your existing account at After that, you will have to choose between two subscription plans. Once the subscription is done, visit the Live stream menu on match day, and you will have your match there.


Real NFL fans do not miss any games, even if they are not at home. You have NFL+ that brings all the thrilling actions of the NFL on your phone.

Now you can watch them from home and outside at the best price on NFL+.


Can I Watch Every NFL Game on NFL+?

You can watch every NFL game on NFL+ with both standard and premium subscriptions. Premium subscriptions will also allow you to watch full and condensed game replays of every game.

Is NFL+ Available Worldwide?

No, it is sad for fans outside the USA that NFL+ is only available in the United States. You cannot enjoy their service with no subscription plans. However, you should check Game Pass International Guide to watch NFL outside the USA.

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