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Are you excited to know how to watch the Super Bowl in the UK? Get your light beers out on the ice and prepare your burgers, fries, and other food because it’s almost game day. And we are giving you tips on how you can watch the game easily.

The NFL fans in the UK will need to be ready for late-night viewings to catch the game live.

You can enjoy a variety of entertainment options from ITV1, Sky Sports, and NFL Game Pass to watch the Super Bowl live stream in the UK.

Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know about TV channels and schedule information.

TV ChannelITV1
Sky Sports 
Live StreamITVX
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What UK TV Channel is the Super Bowl on?

The Super Bowl 2024 will air live on ITV1, Sky Sports Main Event, and Sky Sports NFL.

ITV1 coverage begins at 10:45 pm. Live coverage will also be available online via the ITVX app and ITV website. Sky subscribers can also tune in live via the Sky Go app.

Non-Sky customers may also be able to watch the Super Bowl on NowTV.

How Can You Watch the Super Bowl Online in the UK?

It’s simple to watch the Super Bowl. There are many online and TV options in the UK to watch the Super Bowl live. Let’s start with the simplest and most cost-free option. After that, we’ll go over each choice.

Watching Live on TV

For most people, the BBC is the best way to watch this year’s Super Bowl. You can watch the game on your TV or online via BBC iPlayer, the BBC Sport app, and the website.

Two major UK broadcasters share the rights to the big night. The game will be broadcast on BBC One at 11:30 pm. You can enjoy the game for free if you have a TV license.

You won’t need to search for the Super Bowl streams, as the broadcast will be available on BBC iPlayer.

Watch the Super Bowl on Sky Sports

Sky subscribers and those with the relevant Sky Sports package can view their coverage instead. You’ll still get the on-demand content about the game, but the presentation will differ slightly between the broadcasters.

You should expect some initial costs to sign up for Sky, but you can check their website to see if they have any specials for customers.

You might be interested in watching the Super Bowl on NowTV if you don’t have Sky Sports yet. This Sky product (Now TV) is a non-satellite product and offers all the same features as the primary product but on an online platform.

NFL Game Pass

There are viable options from the NFL Game Pass for those who want to watch the Super Bowl.

The Pro Plan includes all singing and all dancing for just $9.99.

Access to the extensive library of content, including original NFL Network shows and combined coverage, will be available. This is a great way to go back in time to the glory days, even if your team didn’t do well this year.

While the other plans offer a bit more time and access, they are slightly less expensive. Game Pass works on any supported device, so ensure you have an internet connection.

Watching On-demand

You might be wondering how to watch the Super Bowl 2024 in the UK if you don’t have the time or the energy to stay up until the wee hours.

The options above offer a lot of flexibility. It is possible that the BBC will keep it available on their catch-up service for up to a week. Sky Sports will likely have it available on-demand for a longer period.

NFL Game Pass will keep the rights to the game for all eternity. Additionally, there is a useful function called “no spoilers mode.” This allows you to filter out any content that might spoil the results.

How to Watch the Super Bowl in the UK With a VPN

Step 1: Create an account and choose your VPN provider. ExpressVPN is our recommendation due to its fast connection speeds and affordable subscription. This combination makes it the perfect choice for watching the Super Bowl online.

Step 2: Install the VPN software on your streaming device. ExpressVPN is available in all major app stores. You can also visit their website to download the app directly to your computer.

Step 3: Install the app. This will automatically happen on your phone. You’ll need the wizard to install it on your desktop.

Step 4: You can log in to the software with the account that you created in step 1.

Step 5: Pick the server that is closest to you. Select the United Kingdom to access the BBC iPlayer stream for free.

Step 6: To connect to the VPN, click “connect” and then go to your favorite streaming service to watch the Super Bowl 2023.

Final Thought

We discussed many ways for the UK’s Super Bowl fans to watch it fully.

Sky Sports and BBC One will be showing the entire action without any commercial breaks.

You can also watch the game if you subscribe to NFL Game Pass. That will be a great place if you are looking to get culturally immersed in the Super Bowl experience.


What time is the Super Bowl 2024 in the UK?

The Super Bowl will be held in the UK at 11:30 pm.

The game will last 60 minutes, with four quarters of 15 minutes each. However, the event will be much longer if you add in the commercial breaks and the Halftime Show. The event is expected to last until 3 am in the UK.

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