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If you’re looking for a full-featured 4K live TV subscription for the Super Bowl, Optimum has brought everything that fits your choice. Now, certainly, you’re wondering how to watch the Super Bowl on Optimum effectively.

The process is quite straightforward if you’re already an Optimum TV subscriber. You just need to tune in to Fox, which will telecast the full live coverage of the Super Bowl. But if you’re newer here, you must subscribe to a premium package. Plus, you can enjoy live TV on your preferred devices through a built-in Optimum streaming app in 4K resolution.

Thinking about how? Read through our comprehensive guide till the end.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on Optimum

Let’s walk you through how you’ll watch the Super Bowl on Optimum TV:

Step 1: Know About Optimum TV Pricing and Packages

Optimum TV is the most popular American cable TV provider, containing all the major cable TV networks worldwide. Starting from popular TV shows to breaking news, blockbuster movie actions, and live sports events, this TV provider is like one solution. It brings complete packages of entertainment for its users.

Besides live TV packages, it comes with amazing Internet TV bundles, enough to ensure high speeds and consistency. Thus it will be the perfect go-on suggestion for live streaming in the 4k experience.

Here you will enjoy NBC, CBS, and Fox Networks live and on-demand. But all services from optimum TV aren’t free. You have to go through a premium subscription process to stream your favorite sports.

Take a look at the below table to get a clear idea about the Optimum TV plans and packages:

Basic TV$30/month50+ local channels NBC, ABC, and CBS.No contracts.
Core TV$75/month20+ basic cable channels.
Cable channels: BBC America, FX, and Comedy Central.
Free Stream device.
Select TV $95/month340+ channels.
Magnolia Network, Disney XD, and The Cooking Channel.
Premier TV$115/month420+ channels.
Cable channels: beIN Sports, ESPNU, and CMT.
Premium cable channels include HBO, STARZ, and SHOWTIME.

Step 2: Subscribe to Optimum TV

Well! Now you have to complete a subscription to Optimum TV. All of the plans include the Fox Network. Thus you can choose any package to stream the Super Bowl 2024.

First off, navigate to the Optimum TV official website and click on the Sign Up option. In the next window, you will find the TV plans, from which you choose a TV plan. Provide your payment details and purchase the plan.

Step 3: Start watching the Super Bowl Game

After ensuring a subscription, you are now good to go with Optimum TV to enjoy the Super Bowl. But the query may start with what channel Fox Networks is here as there are numerous channels in the list, and finding the exact one may seem quite tough to you.

The matter will easily solve if you have a Bluetooth-powered voice remote from Optimum. Just say “Fox” on the voice, and it’ll tune to the Fox Network. Also, you can ask for “Super Bowl” directly to head to the stream.

Can I Watch the Super Bowl on Optimum App?

Yes! Aside from other options, Optimum TV providers offer an application designed for Optimum Video subscribers. It allows users to watch live on a wide array of devices. It brings all content from cable networks, thus, you can enjoy the Super Bowl game here with ease.

The app is quite popular in the US, especially for those who are preferred to watch live TV on their comfy couches like smartphones and tablets. Just download the app on your Android and iOS devices from Google Play Store or App Store.

After that, set the application with your Optimum TV ID and password. Then navigate to the Super Bowl live stream from the menu. Besides live streaming, you can enjoy match replays, live scores, match analysis, and many more all in one place.

How Can I Watch Optimum on My Smart TV?

If you are a regular subscriber of the Optimum TV provider, you can enjoy the Super Bowl on your smart TV through its app. The application is compatible with any Smart TV, but you’ll need an Optimum Wi-Fi connection to your TV.

Here are the simple steps to set up the Optimum TV app on your smart TV:

  • First up, open the Apple App Store, Google Play, and search for Optimum App on the search bar. Download and launch the app on your smart TV.
  • Open the app, where you will be asked for your Optimum ID and password.
  • Enter all the details if you have an existing account. If not, navigate to the Optimum TV site and purchase a package.
  • Once all is done, go to the home screen of the app. You will find the TV button on the bottom of the screen, just right beside the on-demand tap.
  • Click on it, and you will enter endless entertainment on the go. Here you will find all your favorite TV networks, including Fox.
  • Select your desired channel and subscribe to it to add the channel to your TV package.

Can I Watch the Game on Optimum For Free?

No! You can’t watch the Super Bowl on Optimum for free as the new subscriber has no free trial options. You must need a cable TV package to start with this TV provider. If you’re budget-conscious., the Basic TV plan will be quite affordable for you, where you’ll get up to 50+ channels like NBC and Fox at only $30 per month.

Through this minimal subscription, you will be able to access Optimum’s On Demand library and watch the Super Bowl without any additional cost.

Wrapping Up!

Well! That’s all here for you. All of your queries on how to watch the Super Bowl 2024 on Optimum should be rectified now. Optimum brings the biggest cable TV deals to catch all the major sports events for worldwide sports fans.

If the fact is about the game, you can also grab this live match on Optimum TV through CBS. So without any delay, subscribe to a plan from the Optimum bundle, and ensure your seamless streaming from wherever you want!

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