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The NFL has made a worldwide fanbase with its action-packed, unpredictable, and highly entertaining matches. The fanbase is also growing in Australia, and since the 2023 NFL is so near at hand, let’s see how to watch NFL games in Australia. For your better judgment, this article will cover all the available options for you.

Watch NFL Games on Kayo

Kayo is one of the best options available to watch NFL games live for Australian fans. It broadcasts at least six games of the NFL per round. And we are not only talking about the regular season. With Kayo, you can also watch the playoffs and the Super Bowl! And that is not all either.

You will also get to watch highlights and replays of many of the matches. Kayo has the following three subscription options for you:

PlansMonthly CostScreensFree TrialHD
One$2517-day free trialYes
Basic$3027-day free trialYes
Premium$3537-day free trialYes

Watch the NFL Games on Foxtel in Australia

Foxtel is another good option for you to watch the NFL live from Australia. You can watch both live and highlights of the matches using Foxtel NOW.

Since Foxtel will broadcast the matches via ESPN and ESPN 2, you will only be able to watch matches that the channels are broadcasting this year. As for the bonus, you will get to enjoy many talk shows and behind-the-scenes. 

There are several plans available on Foxtel for various users. Here is a list of the plans:

Membership PackMonthly CostMonthly (After 12 months)
Foxtel Plus$49$49
Sports HD + Foxtel Plus$50$74
Movies HD + Foxtel Plus$50$69

Since you want to enjoy the NFL games, then you must choose Sports HD + Foxtel Plus. With this plan, you can watch six or seven matches during the regular season and all the playoff matches, which will only cost you $50 per month for the first year.

How to Watch NFL Games in Australia For Free in 2023

There is only one option available for you to watch NFL for free in Australia, and that is watching on 7Mate. 7Mate is a free-to-air digital television multichannel based in Australia.

So you can enjoy American Football games for free on this channel. However, you won’t be able to watch as many games as on Foxtel or Kayo. The channel broadcasts three matches of the regular season per week.


When Will be the NFL 2023 kickoff Game?

The NFL is scheduled to begin September 7 this year with a kickoff match between Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs. The match will take place at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Can I Watch Every NFL Game on Foxtel NOW?

Though Foxtel NOW offers you many NFL games to watch in Australia, you cannot enjoy all the games on the platform. You can watch six or seven matches during the regular season and all the playoffs, including the Super Bowl.

Can I Watch NFL Games in HD on Foxtel?

Yes, of course. Foxtel is one of the best options to enjoy the NFL in HD in Australia. You can also enjoy other live sports like NFL, NRL, AFL, F1, Cricket, UFC, and many other sports in HD on Foxtel. 


So you can see that you have three excellent options in Australia to watch the NFL games. You can go for any of them. 7mate, Foxtel, and Kayo all have a reputation for their service. You won’t be disappointed to spend your money on any of them to watch American Football. They are worth it.

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