NFL Games on DirecTV

You have many options to watch the NFL. DirecTV can be a great option if you enjoy watching the game on the large screen of your Satellite TV. And don’t think they are not available for smart devices.

What is DirecTV?

DirecTV is a multichannel video programming distributor from California. It was launched by AT&T and TPG in 1994. DirecTV offers a wide range of sports programming. The sports programs list includes live coverage of NFL games and the MLB, NBA, and more.

You can enjoy all these exciting high-definition sports with a DirecTV subscription. The DirecTV app lets you watch almost all the NFL games live and on-demand. Oh yes, there is an app that you can use on your Smartphones and other Smart Devices.

DirecTV Price and Plans

Subscription PackageMonthlyChannelsAdsFree-trial

1. Entertainment

The package comes at $64.99 per month. You will get access to 165+ channels. The channel list includes ESPN, CNN, TNT, Nickelodeon, and more. It also offers on-demand access and selects live TV streaming.

2. Choice

The package has more than 200 channels and costs only $84.99. There will be limited ads; sadly, there are no free trials. It has regional sports networks, the MLB Network, and more. You can also enjoy live Live TV streaming and on-demand videos.

3. Ultimate

270+ channels! That is, too, for only $109.99 monthly. In addition, you can also watch on-demand programs and live streaming. The package includes premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax.

4. Premier

This is the package that you need as an NFL fan. You can watch all the broadcast games through the sports channels. Besides, you will get access to the “NFL Sunday Ticket” and can watch all the out-of-market matches too.

The premier package comes at $154.99 per month and offers 340+ channels. You will never be out of options regarding what to watch. You can also watch the NFL all day.

Supported Devices

Smart TVsFire TV
Apple TV
BrowsersXbox (Series X, S, and One)
Streaming DevicesGoogle Chromecast
Game ConsolesXbox (Series X, S, and One)
Smartphones & TabletsAndroid

DirecTV is available on almost all devices. However, DirecTV STREAM is still unavailable on some popular devices. You cannot access DirecTV STREAM access in LG or Vizio Smart TVs or on any Gaming consoles, which you do on some other platforms like fuboTV, Prime Video, DAZN, and others.

How to Watch NFL Games on DirecTV

You can watch every NFL game, including the out-of-market NFL programs and games, with the primer subscription that includes NFL Sunday Ticket.

You can visit the DirecTV website and sign up for their services online. You can also call DirecTV’s customer service hotline. Then you just have to switch to the channel that broadcasts NFL matches during the match day.


DirecTV lets you watch all NFL games at the best price. The addition of their mobile app makes their service even better. You can now watch your favorite players anytime you want.


Does DirecTV STREAM include NFL Sunday Ticket?

The DirectTV stream does not include NFL Sunday Ticket. You can only watch NFL games broadcast on national channels with DirectTV Stream, which is also unavailable for smartphones.

Is DirectTV available worldwide?

No, DirecTV provides its service only in the United States. They provide service in all the states of the USA. However, some areas may be where satellite signals are unavailable or have limited availability.

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