How to Watch NFL Games in Germany
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The thrilling actions of the NFL are coming back soon. Get ready for all the live action, even if you are in Germany. You can watch the live games on TV on RTL and stream online on DAZN. Let’s show you in detail how to watch NFL games in Germany.

How to Watch NFL Games in Germany on TV

You can watch the NFL games on RTL in Germany. RTL is the official broadcaster for the NFL in the country. This is the first time any German television channel has obtained the right to telecast live NFL games in the German market.

RTL signed a contract with the NFL in April this year for the rights. You can enjoy three games per week on RTL and one exclusive match on their paid service RTL+.

How to Watch NFL in Germany on OTT

If you no longer like to watch television, then don’t worry. You still have a good option. You can watch all the live action by streaming on DAZN. DAZN has signed a multi-year contract with the NFL and is the official OTT broadcaster in Europe.

You will be able to watch the Playoffs and the Super Bowl as well with a DAZN subscription. There are three DAZN subscription plans available for you:

Subscription planCost
DAZN – Saver$19.99/mth
DAZN Flexible Pass$24.99/mth
DAZN – Annual Super Saver$224.99/year

Once you have selected any of the services, then you will need to take an NFL Game Pass to enjoy all 285 games of the NFL. You will need to subscribe to the NFL, which will cost you 168€ per season. It means nearly €28 per month.

How to Watch the NFL Games in Germany for Free

If you find the cost of NFL Game Pass too much, which is actually not, then you can also enjoy the games for free. For that, you need to visit, and you will be able to watch all the games in German. However, the servers are often slow, and the video resolution is low.


Can you watch NFL games in Germany?

Yes, you can watch NFL games in Germany both on your TV on RTL and stream online on DAZN. You can also watch the matches for free on

Which TV channel has the rights to broadcast the NFL in Germany?

RTL, for the first time in Germany, has the TV right to telecast NFL matches live in Germany. It will broadcast three matches a week and one extra match exclusively on RTL+ every week.

Can you watch NFL games on YouTube TV in Germany?

No, YouTube TV is not available in Germany right now. You can only enjoy their services in the United States.


The NFL is one of the most exciting sports tournaments in the world, and you surely do not want to miss it. So, make sure you have RTL on your television, and to watch on your smart devices, take a subscription to DAZN and NFL Game Pass and enjoy the matches in your comfort.

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