The 2023 Valencia Marathon goes live this December 3rd, marking the debut of the 43rd edition of the race. The event is the biggest and most watched race in all of Spain and attracts massive crowds every year. Acting as a direct qualifier for the Olympics, the marathon attracts the best of the best as well as amateur debutants. The previous Valencia Marathon alone marked a record attendance of 30,000 runners, and the numbers are only growing from here.

The race is known to be a perfect benchmark for debutants as it offers a fairly straightforward course and ideal weather conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about the race and how you can watch the Valencia Marathon livestream.

Live Stream 2023 Valencia Marathon

RTVE is the primary broadcaster for the Valencia Marathon and will broadcast the event for free. You can watch the complete event by following these simple steps.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN or PIAVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in Spain.
  4. Log in to your RTVE account.
  5. Enjoy hassle-free sports streaming on Discovery+!

2023 Valencia Marathon

Everything you need to know:

  • Date: 3rd December , 2023
  • Broadcaster: RTVE, Discovery+, ESPN+, beIN Sports
  • Venue: Valencia, Spain
  • Defending Champion: Kelvin Kiptum / Amane Beriso

Where to Watch 2023 Valencia Marathon Live Stream

The Valencia Marathon is one of the biggest marathons of the year and has a massive contract with broadcasters worldwide. Here are the best ways you can watch the marathon live without any interruptions, featuring services like Discovery+, beIN Sports, and ESPN. You can watch the event on RTVE for free.

Stream Valencia Marathon Live On RTVE for Free

Experience the excitement of the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich live through RTVE Play. As a prominent TV channel in the country, RTVE ensures comprehensive coverage of the event, starting at 8:00 am Spanish time on December 3rd in Valencia.

The live stream is accessible for free, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the marathon’s action. RTVE’s official website extends its broadcast in two languages, catering to both English and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Stream Valencia Marathon Live On Discovery+

Discovery+ through Eurosports is scheduled to live stream the complete Valencia Marathon without any interruptions. You can watch the race without any interruptions by subscribing to Discovery+ starting from just £3.99. New users can also get the 7-day free trial to test out the service. Discovery+ offers a wide range of exclusive TV shows as well as sports streams, forming a complete package.

Stream Valencia Marathon Live On beIN Sports

beIN Sports is one of the official broadcasters for the Valencia Marathon, with coverage in multiple countries. beIN Sports holds licenses to almost every major sport and is the perfect platform for sports enjoyers. beIN Sports subscription starts from $14.99 and can be watched through the beIN Connect app available on every major platform.

Stream Valencia Marathon Live On ESPN+

ESPN is also scheduled to stream the Valencia Marathon in the Americas. ESPN+ is one of the biggest sports streaming services in the region and consists of a massive library of exclusive on-demand highlights and live sports. You can get an ESPN+ subscription for $10.99 per month or bundle it with Hulu and Disney+ for a more all-around TV package.

Official Broadcasters For The Valencia Marathon

Here are some of the official broadcasters for the Valencia Marathon.

Country Broadcaster
France Canal+
Austria Eurosport (Discovery+)
Australia Fox Sports
Canada beIN Sports
Worldwide Olympic Channel
Italy Sky Sports
Brazil ESPN

Schedule For The 2023 Valencia Marathon

Here is the complete schedule for the 2023 Valencia Marathon. All the times are in CET, GMT +1.

Time Event
8:15 a.m. Wheelchair division,
Handcycle & disabilities category
8:25 a.m. Wave 1
8:25 a.m. Wheelchair division,
Handcycle & disabilities category
8:35 a.m. Wave 2
8:45 a.m. Wave 3
8:55 a.m. Wave 4
9:05 a.m. Wave 5
9:15 a.m. Wave 6
9:25 a.m. Wave 7

A Preview Of The Valencia Marathon

The 43rd edition of the Valencia Marathon kicks off this December 3rd and first made its debut in 1981. Over the years, the race has been taking place under different names, but the core intention has always been the same. The Valencia Marathon brings in massive crowds to the Spanish city making it the number 1 ranked race in the country. The marathon itself is considered to be the perfect venue for debutants.

The total course length for the marathon is 42.5km with an elevation gain of 76m, which is considered practically a flat surface for a fast-paced marathon.

Kelvin Kiptum lined up for the race just last year, and although there weren’t many eyes on him, the Kenyan athlete made headlines by smashing the course record, clocking in at just 2:01:53. The time is to this day, the fastest debut in history. 30,000 participants were recorded just last year, and more are expected to join this year, with a fresh batch of debutants all eyeing to make waves for the Olympics.

The Valencia Marathon is run under a great charitable cause and runners can choose the category they sign up for with professional runners, both men and women, separate from the handicapped category and so on. The total prize pool for the marathon can go up to 417,000 Euros depending on finish times, with the first-place runner for both men and women securing a hefty 75,000 Euros.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The 2023 Valencia Marathon Begin?

The 2023 Valencia Marathon kicks off this December 3rd.

What Are The Broadcasters For The Valencia Marathon?

The broadcasters for the Valencia Marathon include Discovery+, ESPN+, and beIN Sports.

Where Can I Watch The Valencia Marathon In The USA?

You can watch the Valencia Marathon on ESPN+ in the USA.

Who Are The Defending Champions For The Valencia Marathon?

The current men’s champion for the Valencia Marathon is Kelvin Kiptum and Amane Beriso for the women.

What Is The Winning Prize For The Valencia Marathon?

The winner can get up to €75,000 in winning depending on their finish time.

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