Deutsche Bank Park Stadium

Deutsche Bank Park Stadium is German’s one of the major sports venues. The stadium is mainly designed to host football matches. It hosted the football world cup, UEFA Cup Final, Confederation Cup, Euro Cup, women’s world cup, and other big events.

In 2024, the stadium is going to host the UEFA Euro 2024. Here in our article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Deutsche Bank Park.

Deutsche Bank Park Stadium Location

Deutsche Bank Park stadium is located in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. The exact location of the stadium is at Mörfelder Landstraße 362, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Deutsche Bank Park Stadium Capacity

Deutsche Bank Park Stadium can hold 51,500 viewers simultaneously, including 9,300 standing in league games. There is no standing rule in the international match; the capacity is 48,500 for international matches.

While hosting NFL, the stadium can make room for 48,000 fans. And 44,000 people can enjoy the show at a time for the concert program.

The stadium is currently working to increase capacity. By the 2023-24 season, the stadium seat capacity will be more than around 60,000 seats.

How Much is it Cost to Build Deutsche Bank Park Stadium?

The construction of the Deutsche Bank Park Stadium was started back in 1921. The general building cost was €150 million.

On 21 May 1925, Deutsche Bank Park Stadium started to run for the first time. Finishing the project took them four years and 3.7 million marks (equivalent to €14 million today).

The stadium authority reconstructed the stadium in 1937 to expand the seating capacity to 55,000. Deutsche Bank Park Stadium made its second major renovation in 1953 after it sold almost 70,000 while the capacity was 55,000. More than 200 fans were injured in this incident.

Who Plays at the Deutsche Bank Park Stadium?

Since the stadium’s opening, it’s been the home of the soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt. They all their home games in here. Besides them, other teams also play at the stadium, and German National Football uses the stadium for some matches.

The stadium was the home Frankfurt Galaxy NFL team from 1991 to 2007. Even after the withdrawal of Frankfurt Galaxy, NFL continued using the stadium for their matches.

German Bowl, the final of the German American Football Championship, the American Football European Championship, and other major matches were played here.

Deutsche Bank Park Stadium NFL Stadium

DateGameChannelTime (Local)
Sunday, Nov 5Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami DolphinsN/A3.30 PM
Sunday, Nov 12New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis ColtsN/A3.30 PM


How big is Deutsche Bank Park?

The stadium can hold 51,500 audiences at a time.

When was Deutsche Bank Park built?

The Deutsche Bank Park Stadium was built in 1925. It underwent major reconstruction four times in 1937, 1953, 1974, and 2005.

How far is Deutsche Bank Park from the city center?

The Deutsche Bank Park is 5km south of the city.

What is the Deutsche Bank Park Stadium call?

The stadium is formerly known as the Commerzbank-Arena, home of the Eintracht Frankfurt soccer team.

What are the facilities of Deutsche Bank Park Stadium?

The stadium sports complex has a swimming pool, a tennis complex, a beach volleyball court, and a winter sports hall.

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