In this new age of social media, players have never had more access to let their opinions fly more publicly than they do now. As a result, it looks like we may have a rivalry brewing between the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers in the NFC, thanks to Lions defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.

CGJ went on Instagram live and let it rip regarding just how he feels about 49ers star wide receiver Deebo Samuel. One thing is for certain; there is absolutely no love lost between the two. This looks like something that may come to a head the next time the two teams face off.

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C.J. Gardner-Johnson Not Impressed By Deebo Samuel

While Samuel is widely viewed by the rest of the NFL as a dynamic player, both as a pass catcher and a ball carrier, CGJ is unimpressed and believes that he’s a one-trick pony.

“Don’t be friendly when you see me. Because you be so flashy, you better hope all that talk you be doing, in whatever round it may be, ’cause I can guard you.

“You can’t run routes, you’re a running back, you’re a running back, and I ain’t going to sit here and play with you little boy.”

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CGJ would cap the comments off with, “Just cause they gave you a little bag, people gave you a little clout, man you ain’t nothing bro.” Certainly, there is no love lost between CGJ and Samuel, and these are some strong words from the NFL veteran.

How the CGJ-Samuel Beef Started

On social media, things can escalate quickly. Such is the case with this particular situation.

Gardner-Johnson struck first when he made fun of Samuel and his involvement in the Cleveland Browns and 49ers pregame scuffle.

Naturally, it didn’t take long before Samuel saw the tweet and felt inclined to respond. However, Samuel did so by posting a video of CGJ getting punched by former Chicago Bears WR Javon Wims.

Clearly, Gardner-Johnson did not like Samuel’s response to his original tweet and decided to take the next level and speak on it on his Instagram Live.

Where this goes next is anybody’s guess. However, the best course of action for all parties involved would be to keep it between the lines and provide excellent drama for fans across the league to enjoy in a potential playoff game in January.

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