Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is preparing for Week 8 of the NFL season with a healthy team and all eyes on how the offense can build from their Week 6 performance.

Did Dak Prescott Set New Expectations?

During the team’s Week 6 win against the Chargers ahead of the bye week, Prescott’s use of his legs was one of the most notable aspects of the game.

The Cowboys quarterback led the team in rushing yards with 40 yards on seven carries, making it his best performance since Week 2 when he had 24 rushing yards.

Prescott’s 18-yard run into the end zone was the most significant rushing play of the night.

But this all leads to whether this will be something Mike McCarthy’s offense will scheme more of, especially after a bye week.

Will Dak Be More Mobile Going Forward?

Prescott says “listening to his feet” is a part of the Cowboys’ Texas Coast offensive scheme.

“It’s really when the one, two, three isn’t there and getting out of the pocket and not necessarily throwing the ball away, but it’s all about risk and reward. There’s a time to do it, and there’s also a time to live to play another play,” said Prescott.

The quarterback said he will do whatever the coaches ask him to do, even if that means adding more designed runs in the scheme.

He also knows that because of his previous season-ending ankle injury in 2020, designed runs aren’t planned for often.

Yet, when it comes to situational conditions and a quarterback run is called, Prescott gets excited about it.

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The 30-year-old says he enjoys called runs or scrambling but doesn’t want it to take away from who they are as an offense or other aspects of their game.

But will Dallas’ offense show off more of Prescott’s legs going forward? Dak answered that question: “To say the numbers are going to increase, I wouldn’t want to give away a game plan if they are.”

Jerry Jones on Prescott’s Use Of Mobility

When Jerry Jones popped into Thursday’s practice, he was asked about his thoughts of Prescott running more in games similar to what he did against the Chargers.

Jones said Prescott’s legs were the difference in the game that led to the win. But he also knows the risk of making calls for a quarterback to be more mobile.

“[Dak’s] going to play the game the way he’s wired… and when you weigh everything he’s about, that’s a good dynamic to have for your team under center, is to include everything he’s wired about, and one of them is he will turn it up and get it on when it takes it to win,” said Jones.

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