Patrick Mahomes doesn’t just have an unorthodox style of play at quarterback. One may not notice, but the Kansas City Chiefs standout has another advantage — involving his helmet.

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Patrick Mahomes Noticeably Wears His Helmet Higher Than Others

The two-time Super Bowl champion doesn’t wear the average-size helmet on game days.

He wears a Riddell SpeedFlex on weekends. That helmet is larger than the average NFL helmet.

According to reviews left on the Riddell website, the helmet is considered one of the safer ones to use. Many users have praised how safe the helmet is during contact. The helmet comes equipped with a flexible panel at the front of the equipment, designed to reduce the impact of head contact. There’s also inflatable foam padding.

Mahomes, in all likelihood, wears the extra-large version of the football gear. He has noticeably worn his helmet higher than most quarterbacks and NFL players.

But there’s a reason behind the level Mahomes wears his helmet. He had once complained that his helmet was always slipping down over his eyes on the field. He eventually started to raise his game day gear above his neck higher than usual — but to improve his field vision.

That now explains how Mahomes is able to complete his uncanny no-look throws and hit his targets with pinpoint accuracy.

How Mahomes Has Fared During Much-Anticipated MNF Showdown With Eagles

Mahomes played in one of his more anticipated games of the 2023 Chiefs season Monday: the Super Bowl rematch against the Philadelphia Eagles.

And as Mahomes had the back of his hairs sticking out against the Eagles with his helmet display, did Mahomes do anything that stuck out on the evening?

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Mahomes ended up attempting his version of a jump shot. And he completed the jump lob for the first touchdown of the evening against the defending NFC champs.

Then, Mahomes and K.C. went with a simple, yet common, connection. He hit Travis Kelce on a short dumpoff that still resulted in six points.

Mahomes, however, had to find a way to deliver smooth passes through rainy conditions. Overall, he struggled in doing so. The franchise QB for the Chiefs settled for 86 total passing yards through the first eight offensive drives. He completed 11-of-19 passes but averaged just 4.5 yards per play before the fourth quarter and threw one interception.

The Chiefs, however, frustrated the Eagles on defense by sacking Jalen Hurts five times and picking him off once as K.C. led 17-7 through three quarters.

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