With the release of each week’s AP Top 25 poll, we become accustomed to seeing the usual faces. In recent memory, the Georgia Bulldogs have dominated the No. 1 spot of the weekly AP poll.

With such dominance atop the rankings, the question beckons: Who has the record for most consecutive weeks as No. 1 on the AP Top 25?

Record for Most Consecutive Weeks as #1 on AP Top 25

The record for most consecutive weeks at No. 1 could be considered with an asterisk. After all, it belongs to a team who had their wins from their stretch vacated.

The USC Trojans landed as the AP No. 1 team from 2003-05 for a record 33 weeks in a row. The Miami Hurricanes are second in this feat, ranking No. 1 for 21 weeks straight during their run in 2001-02.

  • 1) USC Trojans: 33 (2003-05)
  • 2) Miami Hurricanes: 21 (2002-03)
  • 3) Georgia Bulldogs: 20 (2022-pres.)

With Georgia’s recent ranking of No. 1 on the AP Top 25, the Bulldogs have now been the AP No. 1 team for 20 consecutive weeks.

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The Bulldogs are within striking distance of the Hurricanes for the second-most consecutive weeks as the AP No. 1. It’s likely that UGA will win their remaining games this season and sets a new mark for second place on this list, despite some tough opponents remaining on Georgia’s schedule.

With their leading the AP poll, Georgia fans now wonder if they’ll rank No. 1 on the initial College Football Playoff Rankings as such.

The Bulldogs also returned to the top of College Football Network’s Power Rankings after demolishing Florida in Week 9.

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