As the NFL season grinds on, every game matters and the standings become more and more meaningful. As you await to see where your favorite team falls in their hunt for a playoff spot, each win or loss could mean the difference between a division title or a better draft pick.

Note that we will continue to update this piece as the games come to a conclusion.

What Are the Current NFL Standings for Each Division?

AFC East

The AFC East looks to be one of the more fun divisions in the NFL. A two-team race at the top between the Dolphins and Bills promises to bring an exciting homestretch at the end of the season that will surely decide who will take home the divisional crown.

Meanwhile, the Jets continue to fight despite not having Aaron Rodgers under center and cannot be counted out just yet.

  • Miami Dolphins 6-2
  • Buffalo Bills 5-3
  • New York Jets 4-3
  • New England Patriots 2-6

AFC North

The AFC North, from top to bottom, is one of the tightest races in the NFL. The Ravens have the upper hand right now, but the Browns and Steelers are just one game behind and are waiting for their rival to slip up.

While Baltimore looks to be the class of the division, there is still a lot of football to be played, and the AFC North promises to be a tight battle to the end.

  • Baltimore Ravens 5-2
  • Cleveland Browns 4-2
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3
  • Cincinnati Bengals 3-3

AFC South

While the AFC South looks like it is the Jaguars’ to lose, there are some young and intriguing teams who are not going away quietly. Jacksonville does currently have a commanding three-game lead over the Texans, but C.J. Stroud and company have looked good at times, and it’s too early to count them out.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars 6-2
  • Houston Texans 3-4
  • Tennessee Titans 3-4
  • Indianapolis Colts 3-5

AFC West

The Chiefs are just a machine at this point. After losing the first game of the season to the Lions, Kansas City has rattled off six straight victories and sits with a comfortable three-game lead heading into Week 8.

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You can never say never in the NFL, but this division looks about as sure of a thing as there is.

  • Kansas City Chiefs 6-1
  • Las Vegas Raiders 3-4
  • Los Angeles Chargers 2-4
  • Denver Broncos 2-5

NFC East

The Eagles look to be the class of the division once again. While the Cowboys are a good football team and are capable of winning the division, it’s hard to trust that they can put it all together enough to compete with the steady Eagles as of now.

Nevertheless, this division will provide drama throughout the season between the two clubs, although it looks to be Philadelphia’s to lose.

  • Philadelphia Eagles 7-1
  • Dallas Cowboys 5-2
  • Washington Commanders 3-5
  • New York Giants 2-6

NFC North

The Lions have looked like one of the NFC’s best teams. Despite an ugly performance against the Ravens last week, they still look to be the class of their division…for now. While the Vikings are only one game behind, an injury to Kirk Cousins might end any chance they had at competing with Detroit.

  • Detroit Lions 5-2
  • Minnesota Vikings 4-4
  • Green Bay Packers 2-5
  • Chicago Bears 2-5

NFC South

The NFC South is a mixed bag right now, and it could be anyone’s division in 2023.

Last season, the Buccaneers made it to the playoffs with a losing record, and as we enter Week 8, three teams hover around the .500 mark. This division promises to be an exciting finish, with it looking like a three-team race for the title.

  • Atlanta Falcons 4-4
  • New Orleans Saints 4-4
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-4
  • Carolina Panthers 1-6

NFC West

What at one point looked like a division that the 49ers would run away with now looks to be much tighter now. San Francisco still looks to be the best team in the division, but the Seahawks are on their heels, and the Rams cannot be counted out just yet, either.

The 49ers currently hold a narrow lead that they can surely extend, but right now, the NFC West is as tight as ever this season.

  • San Francisco 49ers 5-2
  • Seattle Seahawks 4-2
  • Los Angeles Rams 3-5
  • Arizona Cardinals 1-6

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