Jordan Travis led the Florida State Seminoles to a 17-3 lead before halftime, but he left the field before the clock expired in the second quarter. What do we know about his injury, and what would it mean for Florida State to lose their starting quarterback and 2024 NFL Draft prospect in the midst of ACC play?

Jordan Travis Injury Update

Travis was absolutely flattened on a second-down play late in the second quarter. He did not leave the game immediately. Travis played the next down, throwing a dump-off to his running back on third down. However, as the Seminoles punted the ball away to Syracuse, Travis left the field of play to head back into the locker room.

He was clearly favoring his non-throwing arm/shoulder. The Seminoles QB kept the left side of his body immobilized as he sauntered along the sideline and back into the tunnel.

As the second half got underway, Travis was seen running onto the field and then warming up with nothing visible on his left hand. He then took the field with the offense and is back in the game.

Update (2:06 p.m. ET): Travis was back on the field to start the second half.

A Serious Injury Could Spell ACC Title Hope Doom

Losing a starting quarterback at the NFL level is difficult enough. Losing one of the best quarterbacks in college football could be devastating for a Florida State team with ACC and National Championship dreams if Travis were to miss considerable time after this game, assuming he isn’t fighting through the injury.

They’re currently 5-0 with wins against LSU and Clemson so far in 2023. Losing Travis could dash those dreams because the Seminoles face a good Duke team in seven days.

Travis is completing over 63% of his passes so far this year. In his first five games, he threw for just shy of 1,200 yards with 12 TDs and only one INT. He’s added two more touchdowns on the ground, and his creation ability allows the Florida State playmakers to make a splash.

Travis is a top-100 player on Pro Football Network’s Consensus Big Board. The FSU QB has all the physical tools necessary to play on Sundays. He possesses a good enough arm to push the ball downfield with velocity, and his touch and placement on fades and back-shoulder throws allow his large playmakers to be the only ones who can make a play on the ball.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

— PFN Scouting Analyst Ian Cummings

Early in the 2024 NFL Draft cycle, Travis grades out as a top-five QB prospect and one of the top seniors at the position. His raw grade places him safely in the early-round range, and when factoring in positional value, Travis is a viable candidate for mid-to-late Round 1 capital — especially if he keeps trending up in 2023.

Travis’ arm strength is only above average at best, and he’ll also be 24 years old. But outside of those notes, he’s a smart, competitive, and extremely well-rounded presence whose athleticism is at the very pinnacle of his position group and whose creation capacity is nearly on par with Caleb Williams.

Travis doesn’t have Williams’ arm strength or velocity, but he does have hyper-elite mobility. He’s an incredibly explosive athlete with instant burst, searing agility and quickness, and speed. He also has the high-level arm elasticity to elongate throwing windows, mix pace and touch, and operate off-platform.

In the pocket, Travis is a very capable operator. He’s a good processor and decision-maker who shows malleability and discretion on a situational basis. His athleticism translates to easy pocket mobility and evasive freedom, and he has superb mechanical feel, which helps contribute to exceptional overall accuracy and situational precision as a passer.

Even when accounting for his age, Travis grades out well enough to potentially earn a place in Round 1 and earn an opportunity as an NFL starter. And conceptually, there’s a silver lining with his age.

Through his experience, Travis has shown persistence through adversity, that he can be coached, and that he has a steep developmental track. That coachability and upward trajectory won’t be lost on coaches and evaluators.

Travis’ limited arm strength does occasionally impact his ability to attack vertically. But overall, he’s a relatively complete signal-caller who can minimize risk, hit targets with accuracy, and maintain resolve in high-pressure spots — and his ability to create at the highest clip is an absolute game-changer.

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