Tyrod Taylor is set to be a starting quarterback in an NFL game again for Sunday Night Football — a first for him since the 2021 season.

But before his 54th career start versus the Buffalo Bills, the New York Giants quarterback, who is taking the reins from an injured Daniel Jones, once endured a health scare from his own team doctor. Here’s a look back at that infamous moment and what became of the situation.

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Tyrod Taylor Part of Medical Malpractice in 2020 With the Los Angeles Chargers

Taylor originally went to see David S. Gazzaniga for what was a rib injury during a time when the latter served as the team doctor for the Los Angeles Chargers.

But what happened next was a bizarre case of medical malpractice.

In treating Taylor, the quarterback suffered a punctured lung. Taylor hired a team of lawyers to file a lawsuit against Gazzaniga and his medical company, the Newport Orthopedic Institute, with the suit becoming official on Sept. 18, 2022.

In the lawsuit, Taylor cited he endured “severe physical pain resulting in hospitalization, physical therapy, emotional distress, and other past pain and suffering” from that Sept. 20, 2020 treatment made by Gazzaniga. Taylor saw Gazzaniga after sustaining rib fractures from the Chargers’ Sept. 13, 2020 game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals.

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The suit additionally stated that Taylor’s lung injury forced him to enter the 2021 free agent market as a backup quarterback and prevented him from adding more starts in 2020 to intrigue teams to add him as a potential starter.

What Became of the Suit Between Taylor and Dr. David S. Gazzaniga?

Taylor, now 34, sought $5 million in his lawsuit.

There has been no other word on where things have gone between Taylor and Gazzaniga since the suit was filed one year ago.

Taylor has since played for two more NFL franchises as a backup, the Houston Texans and the Giants.

With the Texans, Taylor threw for 966 yards with five touchdowns and five interceptions, going 2-4 as a starter. His last league start was Nov. 28, 2021, versus the New York Jets.

Now, he’ll soon face the team with which he had his first Pro Bowl season in 2015, the Bills. He played three seasons with the Bills before joining the Cleveland Browns in 2018.

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