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Wembley Stadium is the heart of London sports. It hosts international cricket, football, NFL matches, concert, and many other programs. The stadium began its journey in 2007. The stadium is scheduled to host the 2024 UEFA Championship Final match.

Wembley Stadium 2023 calendar is full of big events. Here in our article, we are going discuss everything you need to know about the stadium.

So, let’s start.

United Kingdom Wembley Stadium Location

United Kingdom Wembley Stadium is located in London, United Kingdom. The exact location of the stadium is- Wembley Stadium, London HA9 0WS, United Kingdom.

Wembley Stadium Capacity

Wembley Stadium has the capacity to hold 90,000 audiences at a time. This is the largest sports venue in the whole UK and in Europe it’s the second largest stadium.

The stadium can host athletics events, too. In fact, it was a condition of the findings. However, the seating capacity will be 60,000 for the athletics events.

On June 2017, Wembley held its largest crowded, 98,000 audience for the Adele concert. 89,874 were present for the Cardiff City Vs. Portsmouth football match on 17 May 2008. When the stadium hosted Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL match, 86,215 fans were gathered together.

Wembley Stadium has another world record, and it contains 2,618 toilets which is more than any other venue in the whole world. Besides that, the stadium also has 34 bars, 8 restaurants, 98 kitchens, and 688 food and drink service points.

It has a 133-meter-tall striking arch, that’s the longest single-span roof support structure in the world.

How Much is it Cost to Build Wembley Stadium?

£798 million(worth £1.27 billion today) were spent to build up the Wembley Stadium. Australian firm Multiplex was the general contractor of the project.

The stadium work started in 2003 and was finished by the begging of 2007. The stadium was opened on 9 March 2007 and held its first event on 24 March 2007, a football match between England and Italy youth teams.

Who Plays in Wembley Stadium?

England National Football team plays in the Wembley Stadium. Football Association of England is the governing body of Wembley Stadium, so the national team is the major user of the stadium.

Tottenham Hotspur signed a deal with the operator to use the stadium for the 2016–17 season. They played their season 2018–19 most game in Wembley and then moved to their new stadium in April 2019.

At first, Wembley was the second home NFL’s St. Louis Rams. Later the deal got canceled, and  Jacksonville Jaguars made Wembley their temporary tenet.

Wembley Stadium NFL Schedule 

Date GameChannelTime
Sunday, October 1Atlanta Falcons vs. Jacksonville JaguarsN/A2:30 p.m. BST / 9:30 a.m. ET


Why is Wembley Stadium so famous?

Because it hosts the best and biggest events, including the football world cup, rugby world Cup, UEFA Championship, Olympics, NFL, concerts, and many other programs.

What club plays in Wembley Stadium?

England National Football Team is the major user of Wembley Stadium. Tottenham Hotspur played there from 2016-2019.

Did BTS fill Wembley Stadium?

BTS was the first South Korean band to perform at Wembley Stadium in 2019 in front of 60,000 audience.

Why is Wembley’s pitch bigger?

Wembley’s large pitch allows teams to control possession and create more chances to find space against tightly-packed defenses.

Who Owns Wembley?

The Football Association holds ownership of Wembley Stadium.

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