News of flag football becoming an Olympic sport in 2028 is beginning to take the NFL and the football world by storm. Earlier today, Tom Brady compared the current state of the NFL game to flag football, stating that the way they protect players and the amount of flags thrown are egregious, turning physical sports into two-hand touch.

Now we have All-Pro edge rusher Micah Parsons chiming in with his interest in playing the sport in the Olympic games and building a dream team to take on opponents from around the world.

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What Did Micah Parsons Say About the 2028 Olympics?

Parsons has always been one of the most competitive guys in the room, and he has never shied away from speaking his mind. The Dallas Cowboys All-Pro believes he can build an American super team that would dominate the world in the 2028 Olympics.

“Flag football is coming to the Olympics in 2028, who should be on the US team? I’m going on the US team.”

The former Penn State legend was a two-way superstar before entering the NFL and didn’t stop at throwing his name into the ring, mentioning playing on the other side of the ball. “I can play some flag football. I think I might be playing offense.”

Who Would Parsons Bring Along as Teammates on a Dream Team?

The Cowboys’ perennial sack master wants all the smoke. As Parsons built out his flag football Dream Team, he wanted all the high-profile receivers to play.


“All our guys should be on that team — we need Justin Jefferson out there, we need Ja’Marr Chase, CeeDee Lamb — we should run through everybody just like we do in wrestling and everything else.”

Imagine any flag football trying to defend Jefferson, Chase, and Lamb in three wide receiver sets. Oh, the humanity!

Would NFL Players Be Able To Play in the 2028 Olympics?

There is plenty of time before we seriously become qualifiers for the 2028 Olympics, but there will likely be some pushback from NFL owners regarding players participating in the flag football event. NFL teams put certain clauses in players’ contracts that ensure they don’t participate in several offseason activities to reduce the risk of injury.

Can you imagine an All-Pro player suffering an injury during the Olympics and the type of fallout that would bring at the NFL level? NFL owners would be irate and would likely put up a fight if any NFL players wanted to play in the Olympics.

NBA superstars play in the Olympics, I get it, but the risk of injury playing football is substantially higher, and the first torn Achilles or ACL would put a damper on the proceedings. That’s why they call it a ‘Dream Team’. Keep dreaming, Micah.

Did Parsons Call Out the Media?

The Cowboys’ edge rusher wasn’t done making bold proclamations. Parsons called out the NFL media stating the Cowboys receive criticism where other teams, namely the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles, do not.

Parsons suggested the media criticizes Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and not Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Perhaps Parsons has been watching a lot of Stephen A. Smith on First Take.

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