Jerry Jones made his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan and spoke about the Dallas Cowboys‘ 20-17 win against the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday Night Football.

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How Important Was the Cowboys’ Win for Mike McCarthy?

Jones said this was an important win, specifically for the offense, saying, “It was a very, very important win for Mike [McCarthy] and for all of us because this offense has a lot of room to be more impactful and more effective and he got some of it last night, Mike did.”

Mike McCarthy is being scrutinized for his decision before halftime, with eight seconds and two timeouts left, not to take another shot to the end zone but rather let the clock drop to three seconds and have Brandon Aubrey kick a 32-yard field goal.

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Jones said the team should have tried another pass into the end zone and “use the clock accordingly.”

When asked if McCarthy’s decision showed a lack of faith in Prescott to make the decision, Jones was quick to respond, “Not at all.”

He also mentioned that he has yet to discuss this decision with McCarthy.

Was This Dak Prescott’s Best Game of the Year?

Jones acknowledged Dak Prescott’s production as having a substantial role in solidifying the team’s win. The quarterback had 272 passing yards and a 70.0 completion percentage. 

“I can’t say enough about how he just played football out there as he was certainly able to get plays made that were critical on time against a really good team and against a defense that was playing competitively… Bottom line is I thought it was Dak’s best game of the year,” said Jones when discussing the quarterback’s play on Monday night.

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Jones mentioned Prescott’s success because of his mobility throughout the game. Prescott led the team in rushing yards with 40 yards on seven attempts and the only rushing touchdown of the night.

But does Jones want to see Prescott use his legs more in all future games? Not necessarily.

The owner said, “When it’s there, we gotta have it,” adding, “When we have to use it, then [Prescott] took some licks at the end of those runs, that can be costly now. But that was an important game for us.”

Jerry Jones Discusses Cowboys’ Receivers

Jones gave credit to CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks as well. He mentioned how the team needs to implement Cooks’ speed as a vertical threat and down the field.

The owner acknowledged Michael Gallup’s struggle in this game, having 10 receiving targets (most in the game) and only catching three. Jones said Gallup is evolving and trying to regain where he tore his ACL in Week 17 of the 2021 season.

“I’m not saying there’s a timeline, and I’m not saying who has a timeline, but when he is available in the offense… He needs to get his hands right in passes above his shoulders… So we got to get him technique-wise where we know he can be, and that could be his next game,” said Jones.

Work Doesn’t Stop During Cowboys’ Bye Week

The Cowboys have a winning record of 4-2 heading into the bye week. But Jones knows the work doesn’t stop.

He wants to see a more dominant team, specifically when the offense moves the ball downfield.  Jones admitted that he had high expectations for the team after their Week 1 victory against the Giants, saying they were a little unrealistic for where the team should be now.

“I think we got it sized up now. We got some work to do, we can get better, it should. But other teams are gonna get better, too. If we can avoid this injury bug, we got a chance to have a really outstanding year,” said Jones.

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