Since its inception in 1983–84, the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup has stood as the pinnacle of international competition in Nordic combined sports. Comprising individual and team events, athletes engage in ski jumping and cross-country skiing disciplines at global locations.

Claiming victory in this prestigious competition signifies the pinnacle of Nordic combined excellence, with athletes etching their names as the best in the world. The FIS Nordic Combined World Cup remains a sought-after stage for athletes to exhibit their mastery in skiing and jumping. Discovery+ will broadcast the event live, and to learn more on how to watch FIS Nordic World Cup live, follow our guide.

Stream FIS Nordic Combined World Cup Live

Discovery+ will broadcast the FIS Nordic World Cup live, and fans can access the event by following the steps below.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN or PIAVPN.
  2. Download the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a UK server.
  4. Log in to your Discovery+ account.
  5. Enjoy Streaming FIS Nordic Combined World Cup!

Watch FIS Nordic Combined World Cup Live on Discovery+

Prepare for a journey as the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup unfolds its excitement, and the exclusive broadcaster for this gripping international competition is Discovery+. Ski jumping and cross-country skiing enthusiasts can catch all the action through a Discovery+ subscription, available via Eurosport.

Discovery+ caters to diverse viewing preferences with two subscription plans. The Ad-Supported plan, priced at $4.99 per month, provides access to the extensive array of Discovery+ content, ensuring you won’t miss a single moment of the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup. For an uninterrupted streaming experience, the Ad-Free plan is available at $8.99 per month, granting access to all Discovery+ content, including live sports events, without any advertising interruptions.

FIS Nordic Combined World Cup – Schedule

Date Place
30 Nov-03 Dec Lillehammer
08-09 Dec Lillehammer
14-16 Dec Ramsau
16-17 Dec Seefeld
16-17 Dec Kuusamo

FIS Nordic Combined World Cup – Preview

In the picturesque setting of Lysgårdsbakken HS 98, Gyda Westvold Hansen emerged as the leader after an impressive Ski Jumping competition in the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup season opener. Under a clear blue sky, the Norwegian athlete soared to a 97-meter jump, accumulating 134.4 points and securing the coveted top spot. Hansen’s stellar performance sets the stage for her to lead the first women’s 5 km race of the season.

Mari Leinan Lund claimed the second position after a 94-meter jump, earning 129.8 points and setting off on the course 18 seconds behind her teammate Hansen. Svenja Würth showcased her prowess with the furthest jump of the day, covering 98.5 meters and amassing 126.7 points, securing the third spot with a 31-second gap behind Hansen.

Switching gears to the men’s division, the Provisional Competition Round witnessed Jarl Magnus Riiber’s dominance. The Norwegian athlete soared to victory with a 97-meter jump, accumulating a total of 153.5 points.

Ryota Yamamoto from Japan secured the second position with a 97.5-meter jump, earning 147.1 points. Franz-Josef Rehrl of Austria delivered the day’s farthest jump, covering an impressive 100 meters and securing the third spot with 146.0 points.

The women’s Nordic Combined event further heightened the excitement in Lillehammer. Gyda Westvold Hansen continued her exceptional performance, clinching victory with a 94-meter jump and 139.5 points. Svenja Würth secured the second spot with a 92.5-meter jump and 128.7 points, while Haruka Kasai of Japan showcased her strength with the best jump of the day at 95 meters, earning 127.7 points and claiming the third position.

As the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup season kicks off, these performances in Ski Jumping set the tone for an action-packed season, promising fans a display of skill, determination, and fierce competition on the snow-covered slopes of Lysgårdsbakken HS 98.

Bottom Line

Athletes from around the world vie for victory in individual and team events held at various global locations. Gyda Westvold Hansen’s stellar performance in Lillehammer’s season opener sets the stage for an intense competition, with Discovery+ exclusively broadcasting the event. To catch the gripping action, fans can subscribe to Discovery+ via Eurosport, offering Ad-Supported and Ad-Free plans at $4.99/month and $8.99/month, respectively.

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