MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Tua Tagovailoa literally couldn’t find the words Wednesday when asked to describe his reaction to the Miami Dolphins being picked as the 2023 in-season subjects of Hard Knocks.

Tagovailoa, asked for his thoughts during his Wednesday news conference, was speechless for more than 10 seconds before saying:

“That’s probably my reaction,” Tua said with bemusement. “I have no control over that. That was probably not necessarily the best body language I had in a team meeting, [when] it was being introduced to us that we were going to be on Hard Knocks.”

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Why Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa Didn’t Want Hard Knocks

Tagovailoa has been nothing but consistent. When approached by Netflix’s Quarterback series, he made it clear that he wasn’t interested.

And the reasons he said no then haven’t changed now.

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“I’m just not a big attention guy,” Tagovailoa explained. “I understand it comes with the territory, and I am able to use my platform for bigger things. But as far as me doing something silly purposefully outside of football, it’s just different for me.

“I like to keep things private in how I do things, but this isn’t just about me,” he added. “This isn’t something that’s for me; this is something for the entire team, and the entire team has to figure out how they go about that as well. So I know having conversations with some guys in the locker room that for them, it’s going to be tough as well. So we’re all going to work through this together.”

The cameras arrive in the next couple of weeks and won’t leave until the Dolphins’ season ends — either in January or February.

HBO and NFL Films, who together produce the show, will have access to meetings, practices, and even the homes of Dolphins players and coaches.

“For me, I’m not going to let any of that affect how I prepare, how I talk in our meetings, with how we want to get things done and what we want to do,” Tagovailoa said. “I’m going to be myself, and I think the guys are going to do their best to be themselves as well, although it is different when there is a camera there while you’re trying to do something that’s very private. I’m sure that our PR team will do their best to help keep a lot of us out of trouble.”

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