Kirk Cousins has had the best of worlds from an NFL perspective. He’s been a multiple Pro Bowler for the Minnesota Vikings but also a target for criticism by fans and analysts. He’s often ripped for the times the Vikings lose or fall short in the postseason. And he got a Hall of Famer and multiple Super Bowl winner to share a shocking opinion of him.

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What Did Troy Aikman Say About Kirk Cousins?

Turns out, for all the harsh critique Cousins has received in his NFL career, Troy Aikman is a backer of Cousins.

So much so, that the Dallas Cowboys legend gave Cousins this title: Top-10 passer.

Aikman’s praise for Cousins sparked some strong reactions on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Mixed Praise for Cousins After Aikman Statement

Aikman got his mixture of backers and detractors on his Cousins claim.

Beginning with the supporters, one fan said, “He’s not lying,” in addressing Aikman’s statement. Another fan posted, “He’s underrated,” in their honest opinion.

Sports analyst CJ Pronk was another who opted to take Aikman’s side on the Cousins debate.

“I don’t disagree. Kirk has been a great QB for a while now, and has been borderline elite when he’s had weapons to get the ball to,” Pronk posted.

Some, however, weren’t too convinced about Aikman’s ranking for Cousins.

Another fan doesn’t think Cousins is even a top-15 quarterback.

Did Cousins Shred the Stout 49ers Defense?

Cousins entered this Monday Night Football tilt without his best wide receiver — injured All-Pro Justin Jefferson — needing to rely on newcomer Jordan Addison.

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Cousins, though, went straight to work by finding the rookie wide receiver splitting the middle of the San Fran defense.

But his best connection of the night was on this snatch-and-run done by Addison — who earlier saw Charvarius Ward steal the football from him.

Before the start of the fourth quarter, Cousins ended up throwing for 314 yards against a 49ers defense with an abundance of Pro Bowl talent and, again, without Jefferson in the huddle. Cousins’ yardage was the most the 49ers defense has allowed all season.

And it came on a night when Cousins received, arguably, his biggest backer amid his critics in Aikman.

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