While we have all come to accept that the story that is Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship is not going anywhere, it looks like they have taken the next step. The pop star was once again in attendance supporting her man when the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday afternoon, a game that was seemingly sealed with a kiss.

Swift picked a good one to attend, as Kelce had himself a big day. Kelce finished with 12 receptions for 179 yards and one touchdown in the win. Meanwhile, Swfit was seen several times on television as she sat and celebrated with Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany, enjoying the Chiefs’ double-digit win over their AFC West rivals.

While Kelce and his team put on a show on the field on Sunday, the biggest storyline of the afternoon came from a postgame photo.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Kiss Goes Viral

If it wasn’t clear over the last month that they were dating, it looks to be clear now as Swift was photoed giving Trav a little post-game smooch on the cheek.

While being photographed next to returning teammate Mecole Hardman and his significant other, Swift leans over and plants a kiss right on Kelce’s cheek for the world to see. This photo will surely make the rounds this week as the football world cannot get enough of the dynamic duo.

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While some have thought this may have been a distraction for Kelce, it has actually worked as the complete opposite as it seems Kelce has stepped his game up when Swift has been there to root him on.

Facts are facts, and numbers don’t lie and the numbers tell us that Kelce thrives when Swift is in the building. Chiefs Kingdom might as well embrace it at this point.

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