Turns out there was a nerve-wracking moment involving Travis Kelce during the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday Night Football game. And it had nothing to do with what Denver was doing defensively against the All-Pro tight end.

It had more to do with one look at the Arrowhead Stadium suites and learning who his new soulmate, Taylor Swift, was talking to during the game: Kelce’s father, Ed.

Travis Kelce Speaks on Terrifying Moment During  Chiefs-Broncos Game

Joining his older brother and Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce on the latest edition of the New Heights podcast released Wednesday, the elder Kelce called it a “momentous” moment between their father and the Country/Pop sensation.

But then both brothers agreed that their dad shouldn’t be talking to Swift.

“This is a terrifying conversation,” Travis Kelce said. “I felt terrible for Taylor being in there.”

Both brothers shared how conversing with their mother, Donna Kelce, will be more “delightful” than speaking with Ed Kelce.

“But if you see dad talking to anybody and you can’t hear what’s happening, who knows what that conversation will be like,” Jason Kelce said.

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Travis Kelce, though, didn’t want to keep kicking their father on the show and called him “the best f***ing dad in the world.”

“He’s a great converser,” Kelce shared. “However you want to put it. It’s where Jason gets his storytelling.”

Was That the First Time Swift Sat Next to Ed Kelce?

For anyone keeping track of where Swift sits during her new beau’s games, here’s a rundown.

In Week 3 vs. the Chicago Bears, Swift was spotted sitting next to Donna Kelce during her first NFL game at Arrowhead Stadium.

The following week, on the road against the New York Jets, Swift was spotted with her entourage, including actress and friend Blake Lively. Ed Kelce, though, was nowhere near Swift when cameras zeroed in on the singer.

But, on the TNF AFC West showdown, Swift wasn’t just sitting next to Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany; it was the first time she was spotted standing/sitting next to Ed Kelce.

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