Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is one of the brightest young minds in the NFL. Not only does McDaniel have his Dolphins team looking like one of the league’s best, but he is doing it in his own way.

The way he approaches his job as head coach is refreshing and rare in the NFL. Instead of conforming to the typical cookie-cutter approach that we’ve seen from most top coaches over the years, he chooses to be his authentic self.

McDaniel continues to not only be impressive on the field in his command of the team but in the way he views his opportunity and shows awareness of his surroundings.

Such is the case in his latest interview with NFL Films, where he showed compassion and understanding as he drew similarities between being a head coach and how it isn’t unlike being a father.

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Mike McDaniel Believes Fatherhood Makes Him a Better Coach

McDaniel’s road has not been an easy one, and he is unafraid to speak about his transgressions. That humility and perspective allow him to understand the position he is in, in a unique way.

When asked how becoming a father has made him a better coach, McDaniel gave a powerful answer that a lot of people seem to resonate with. “I think ironically they’re similar in that it’s a servitude role. Being a dad is very much like being a head coach in that you’re constantly concerned about the well-being of other people.

“To not exist for yourself is a beautiful thing.”

These were impactful words from the young head coach, who seems to be wise beyond his years. His leadership style surely solidifies that this is more than just words for McDaniel; it truly is a way of life for him.

He respects, listens, and understands his players. McDaniel’s approach builds comfort, trust, and a passion to go out and be their best for one another, knowing your head coach has your back.

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The days of being a coach who yells and belittles their players seem to be going by the wayside. Coaches like McDaniel, who lead with compassion and a sense of humility, may be the new wave of approach on the rise.

No matter if that change is felt league-wide, one thing is clear — the Dolphins have a good one. And it seems that the NFL world is not only seeing how good of a coach McDaniel is but just how good of a man he is as well.

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