The big match between Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs: Match Predictions at great hype on the betting sites

The big match between the Jaguars and Kansas Chiefs is about to set the Arrowhead Stadium on fire on Saturday for the NFL Divisional Round playoff match, Kansas Chiefs being the favorites of the high voltage match. The best Florida sports betting sites have already started to make their predictions and bets even if the big tournament of the Super Bowl is at its Divisional stage. Fans are up with their betting and the most bets are being made for the hyped match of Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs, the two-time champions of the Super Bowl.

Earlier in the season, Jaguars lost against Kansas City by a margin of 27-17. Patrick Mahomes covered 331 yards with four touchdowns which gave the Chiefs an eminent lead and they managed to beat the Jaguars. As per the reports, Jaguars have lost six of their matches against the Chiefs.

Over the weekend, there will be match encounters for the four NFL Divisional Rounds where eight attacking teams will participate. Fans can put up their bets easily as there are a lot of top sports betting site options, but as per our research, we have found that betting with the site BetOnline would bring a safer and top-notch betting experience for the fans as it just requires creating an account, also it is one of the best ruling sites in Florida and US.

Can the Jaguars make a powerful comeback and beat the Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs have a record of winning 10 final matches out of the 11 they played, so this is going to take a lot of work for the Jaguars to beat the champions. However, in recent times, Jaguars have taken their performance to an exceptional level and have put up great statistics for their sports, such as 357.4 total yards per match, 232.9 passing yards, an average of 23.8 points, and 124.5 rushing yards.

Their quarterback Trevor Lawrence has a record of 25 touchdowns and 4,113 passing yards. The match will indeed be a challenging one for the Jaguars but still, their improved statistics are saying that they have got great chances and potential to take control of the match.

How are fans preparing for the betting of the big clash?

Florida NFL bidders are going to have a massive weekend as they will be able to enjoy the game clashes between the eight teams, however, the sports betting market is still not legal inside Florida, thus, fans are more on the online offshore betting sites than being physically present to bet for the 2023 NFL Divisional Round Weekend.

Reportedly the betting site, BetOnline, is offering their new members to avail up to $1000 as a free bonus for betting, they are also providing two extra free betting chances for the current week’s NFL Divisional Round Match. It is estimated that fans can even make $2750 for the Jaguar versus Chief match bet. To get the opportunity, fans first need to sign up for the BetOnline site, fill up the necessary details, drop a minimum amount of $55, and then they can start to bet on the match.

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