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Don’t you like to watch Super Bowl LVII online? Are you excited to enjoy the game by visiting there? You can buy a Super Bowl LVII ticket and experience it.

The secondary market offers tickets at reasonable prices. The average Super Bowl LVII ticket will cost between $4,000 to $5,000. However, costs can differ based on the game being played, and the time the tickets were bought. The cost of a Super Bowl ticket tends to drop as the event draws nearer. But ticket prices can change once the matchup has been determined.

Here is everything you will get to know about how much an average Super Bowl LVII Tickets are, including their price and how you can buy them easily.

How Much Are Super Bowl LVII Tickets?

Anyone who is interested in purchasing Super Bowl LVII tickets should ask how much they cost. Super Bowl LVII tickets are, on average, between $3,000 and $6,000. SeatGeek’s lowest-priced set of tickets will cost you $6,434 per ticket. Prices can go up to $7,807 for the higher levels.

On Location lists 2022 Super Bowl LVII tickets starting at $5,822.50 per head. Depending on the seat location and details of the package, listings can even reach $25,925.00 per individual for VIP sections.

Prices can vary depending on where the seats are located, which teams they are playing, and when the tickets were purchased. The Super Bowl LVII tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers at Hard Rock Stadium were about $4,275. The average Super Bowl ticket price was $6,370.

You can enjoy live entertainment, pregame parties, and NFL legend appearances. You can even book hotel accommodations as an option with your ticket.

Prices have been falling heading ahead of the weekend

Many outlets reported that ticket prices are dropping as the week progresses. The lowest-priced tickets were generally available at $5,000. Premium seats in the suites were more expensive than the lower-priced tickets. Some places even had prices above $35,000.

Saturday could be the best day for ticket prices. The lower-priced tickets may be pushed up as the numbers fall closer to kickoff. This will increase the “average price for available tickets,” meaning that tickets in higher price ranges are likely to be the last available.

Least Expensive Super Bowl LVII Tickets

In-person Super Bowl LVII tickets are the cheapest. You will be seated in the highest-quality stands at State Farm Stadium. This will allow you to see the game from afar. Sports fans will love to pair these tickets with quality binoculars.

The ticket prices do not include fees. Fees can add up to $1,000, or more, depending on the case. Some seats may require that you purchase a block of at least two tickets.

Vivid Seats offers the best prices on Super Bowl LVII tickets for nosebleeds that we have ever seen. Individual tickets starting at $4,400 are available in the 500th section of State Farm Stadium.

Vivid Seats Super Bowl LVII Tickets, Starting at $4,435

Ticketmaster offers Super Bowl LVII tickets at similar prices. Prices starting at $4,500 plus substantial fees are the most affordable. These seats can be found in the 500 section at State Farm Stadium.

Ticketmaster Super Bowl LVII Tickets, Starting at $4,500

StubHub offers Super Bowl LVII tickets. Prices start at $4,650 plus significant fees. They can be found in the 500 section at State Farm Stadium.

Most Expensive Super Bowl LVII Tickets

There are still some amazing Super Bowl LVII seats available if money is not an issue. The most expensive Super Bowl LVII tickets are in the nosebleed section. They allow fans to sit on the sidelines, next to their favorite team’s bench.

We found four blocks of tickets in Row 1 in VIP Section 113 for $46,466 each plus fees at Ticketmaster. Los Angeles Rams fans can sit at the 50-yard line directly in front of the Rams bench for only $25,000 (plus fees).

Ticketmaster Super Bowl Tickets

StubHub offers comparable prices for premium Super Bowl tickets. A few Bengals VIP seats on the sidelines can be purchased for less than $50,000 (plus any applicable fees).

Is This Normal to Raise the Cost of Super Bowl LVII Tickets?

Ticket prices have risen due to rising costs and inflation in the past two years. The price has risen because this Super Bowl LVII is being held in Los Angeles for the first time in almost 30 years. The last Super Bowl in Los Angeles was at the Rose Bowl on Jan 31, 1993.

Here are five of the most sought-after and expensive Super Bowls in NFL History:

  1. Super Bowl LVI (Bengals vs. Rams): $10,086 average resale price
  2. Super Bowl LV (Bucs vs. Chiefs): $8,609
  3. Super Bowl LIV (49ers vs. Chiefs): $7,172
  4. Super Bowl LII (Patriots vs. Eagles): $5,373
  5. Super Bowl LIII (Rams vs. Patriots): $4,657

How to Buy Super Bowl LVII Tickets

Unless you are lucky enough to win the Super Bowl LVII ticket lotto as a season ticket holder, gifted tickets, or have a family member who plays on one of two Super Bowl teams; the best way to get Super Bowl LVII tickets is to buy them on the secondary market.

You can buy Super Bowl LVII tickets through trusted ticket brokers.

Super Bowl LVII ticket buyers will be able to shop online. While we encourage you to compare prices on Super Bowl LVII tickets across multiple sites, in the end, you will want to work with a company. They will be responsive and can answer any questions you may have about Super Bowl LVII tickets.

The three most important questions to ask when looking to purchase Super Bowl LVII tickets are:

  • Which Super Bowl tickets should I buy? Zone seats vs. specific seats
  • When should I buy Super Bowl tickets? Now or later?
  • Where should I buy Super Bowl tickets? Trust, communication, and price

Final Thought

Super Bowl LVII will be held this Sunday. It will attract hundreds of millions of people worldwide. You can watch the big game on TV, but what if you want to go?

Many people wish to know how much is an average Super Bowl LVII. The answer is that Super Bowl LVI tickets cost $4000-$5000 individually.

The location, participating team, stadium size, and other factors can all affect Super Bowl LVII ticket pricing from year to year.

So, are you ready to enjoy Super Bowl LVII?


When is the best time to buy Super Bowl Tickets?

According to TicketIQ, the best time for Super Bowl tickets to be purchased is usually the day or two before the big event.

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