How fast things can change in the NFL. Just two weeks ago, the San Francisco 49ers looked to be the best team in the NFL, and quarterback Brock Purdy was beginning to be discussed within the top 10 QB conversations. Fast forward to the current day, and the entire demeanor around the team seems to be changing.

The 49ers have since lost two straight games, and Purdy has thrown three interceptions in those two losses after not throwing a single one to that point in the year. With the losses comes the changing of public perception. Once the league’s darlings are now the subject of tough talk and doubt. While Purdy has avoided criticism to date, that is no longer the case.

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Shannon Sharpe Has Harsh Words for Brock Purdy

The very show that will be the ones to sing your praises will also be the first to yell out your failures. Such is the case with the latest episode of ESPN’s First Take as the crew began to discuss the 49ers 22-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings last night.

And when it came to his turn to talk about it, Shannon Sharpe did not hold back.

Sharpe was asked by First Take host Molly Qerim if he had lost confidence in Purdy after the last couple weeks, and he certainly did not hold back.

“Lost confidence? I knew what he was, to begin with. They ask Brock Purdy to deliver us, he didn’t. He didn’t do it. He is what he is.”

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It seems that Sharpe was never a believer of Purdy to begin with, but this is more about the bigger picture than anything. The narrative will continue to change if the 49ers continue to struggle, and is yet again another case of a QB getting too much credit in victory and too much blame in loss.

Purdy is a quality NFL quarterback. It’s not his fault that people anointed him as elite already. However, such is the world for an NFL quarterback.

Tough Road Ahead for the 49ers

Reeling after two straight losses, things do not get any easier for the 49ers schedule-wise.

San Francisco will be tasked with trying to get back to their winning ways against two quality AFC opponents. The first of which is a home matchup against Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals, followed by a much-needed bye week and then a road test against Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Coming out of the next three weeks with a 5-4 record surely won’t do anything to quiet the noise that is coming from the media now. The only way to stop it is to get back on track Sunday.

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