Prescott Brings Glorifying Win For The Cowboys

The giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost against Dallas Cowboys in the big game of the NFC wild-card playoff on Monday night, Dak Prescott leads as the winning hero of the match. Cowboys won by a big margin of 31-14, where Prescott embellished the match with his four touchdowns.

Micah Parsons, the linebacker of the Cowboys said that the criticisms made against Prescott were sometimes unjustified, but the way Prescott managed to bring his powerful comeback justifies who he is and his credibility to the game. He also added to his speech that their team had a prior mindset to rule over the match and ensure their win. 

Point to be noted that, the Cowboys had a horrible history of losing straight six matches in the past but this victory against Tampa has probably diminished their dark history to a great extent. Micah also added this in his statement, saying that it is great to break streaks and build a new history around them.

What made the Cowboys steal the show?

On this very match, Prescott had a successful pass rate of 75% (25 of 33) for about 305 yards. And with this historic win, Prescott becomes the only Cowboy quarterback with four touchdowns in a single match along with former Super Bowl winners Aikman and Roger Staubach. Earlier, Prescott had a terrible loss margin of 26-6 at Washington, from such a disappointing state, he bounced back powerfully and brought victory for the Cowboys. 

The all-time Super Bowl legend, the seven times champion quarterback of Buccaneer, Tom Brady, lost for the first time against the Cowboys. The 45-year-old Tom Brady commented that it was just not the way they wanted to finish it off.

Prescott in an interview said that he did not care about the opinions that were made for Cowboy’s poor performance, he only made sure that he is serious about what he would do in the game. Along with it, he remarked that he has been blessed with a great supporting team who believed in him and the very fact encouraged him to stay focused on his performance and the game.

In the history of 30 years, Dallas, for the first time won a postseason and now they are looking forward to their NFC divisional round match against the team, San Francisco 49ers, the match will take place next Sunday. The owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones praised his team saying that the Cowboys are now a better team since they have not only won against the team Buccaneer but have also won against the great quarterback Brady. Jerry also stated that his team had all the downsides of criticisms but they fought and came back better.

The stunning win of Dallas still had some flops and rebounds

Needless to say, the Cowboys pulled up a great show with their improved performance but the thing that fell flat was kicker Brett Maher’s silly moves. He missed the first four brownie points, which led him to be the sole player to miss out on that many opportunities in a match in the history of the NFL.

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