Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Their rivalry defined an era for the league. The competitive spirit between the two, which will be forever linked to one another, still burns to this day.

Manning joined “The Pat McAfee Show” recently to talk about a variety of topics. One topic the Indianapolis Colts legend discussed was a strange plane trip he took on Delta Airlines.

While detailing the hardships of his flight and how he spent several hours on the frigid trip, he mentioned the GOAT’s name and eluded to the fact that Brady wouldn’t fly on a similar flight as Manning.

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What Did Tom Brady Say in Response to Peyton Manning?

Retirement suits Brady, and he’s letting it fly without fear of on-field consequences. The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers great fired back at Manning.

“I’m sure the temperature was perfect,” Brady said. “Peyton could never handle life outside the dome.”

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While it is an odd dispute for two grown men to have, their competitiveness is good-natured and makes for great content. Brady and Manning have battled on the gridiron for years but also competed in other sports, namely golf.

The legendary QBs played in tandem when Manning teamed up with Tiger Woods, and Brady teamed up with Phil Mickelson for a televised event. Manning and Tiger were the victors, but the viewing audience won as the event was wildly competitive and entertaining.

Does Brady Have a Point?

Brady making fun of Manning for playing away from the dome is all fun and games, but does it carry some validity?

Here are Manning’s home/road splits for his career:

  • Home: 35,706 yards passing, 277 TD, 106 INT, 99.8 QB rating
  • Away: 36,234 yards passing, 262 TD, 142 INT, 93.3 QB rating

While Manning’s numbers were better at home, his performance didn’t drop significantly. Brady and Manning’s comments appear to be friends ribbing one another. Plus, Manning spent the latter portion of his career playing in frigid Denver, so it’s not a perfect split.

Are Brady and Manning Friends?

As competitive as these two have been over the years, there is mutual respect between the two Hall of Famers. Real recognizes real, as the kids would say, and both players recognize greatness in the other and that they pushed one another to improve throughout their careers.

Manning was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021, and Brady was there for the ceremony. It would be shocking if Brady got his call and Manning wasn’t there to celebrate with him.

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