There has been no NFL player more in the spotlight over the last month than Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce. The star tight end’s production on the field is merely a distant second topic to the life that he has been leading off the field these days.

When you are dating Taylor Swift and featured in several commercials, the spotlight tends to follow. With his life being so public at every turn, it’s only right that Kelce would take it up another notch. Kelce joined the cast for the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, and fans across football and pop culture reacted.

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Travis Kelce on SNL

When it comes to making jokes and putting the silliness of trending topics on display for a good laugh, SNL is the best there is. This week, with the help of Kelce himself, the SNL crew was able to poke a little fun at the Swift hysteria that has swept the NFL world.

Naturally, people on social media had takes on the skit. They say at the root of every joke is a little bit of truth, right?

It seems that people agree that SNL got this one right.

Maybe the SNL writers had a little help from the subjects themselves because of how well done it was.

Looks like Kelce truly popped up unannounced, and the crowd could barely control their excitement.

Kelce and Swift With PDA During SNL After Party

After their time in front of the cameras, both Kelce and Swift reportedly got really comfortable together at the SNL after-party. This is further evidence that despite what the naysayers think, the couple is very much real and looks to be in it for the long haul.

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According to reports, “Travis and Taylor seemed to really be enjoying the night, and each other, even kissing throughout the night.” Even in a room full of Hollywood’s who’s who, Kelce proved once again that he is very much in the mix as well.

What’s Next for the NFL’s Biggest Star?

With the Chiefs handling their business against the Denver Broncos on Thursday Night Football, it allowed Kelce to get away from football for the weekend and join the cast for this impromptu appearance.

One thing that has become abundantly clear is that Kelce is not coming out of the public eye anytime soon. The productive tight end is a superstar on the field and a rock star off of it.

The Kelce and Swift content is not going away, and really, if we’re being honest — it may only be just the beginning.

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