The New York Giants and Buffalo Bills played on Sunday Night Football in a battle for New York, and the Bills escaped with a 14-9 victory. The game wasn’t exactly a thing of beauty, but it did bring with it plenty of drama. The Giants outplayed the Bills for most of the game, but some critical, bonehead clock management may have cost them the game.

The Giants were leading 6-0 as the time was dwindling in the first half and had the ball at the 1-yard line, about to score again. Giants backup QB Tyrod Taylor was thrust into the starting lineup on Sunday Night Football and made a horrific decision down by the goal line.

Instead of attempting a pass, Taylor audibled to a run play. The play was abruptly stuffed by the Bills defensive front seven, and the clock ran out before the Giants could get lined up to spike the football. Taylor’s questionable decision cost the Giants a minimum of three points as they walked into the locker room up 6-0.

Fast forward to the end of the game as the Giants drive down the field. Instead of needing a field goal, the Giants are down five and need a TD. Oddly enough, the Giants moved the ball down the field to the 1-yard line for one last play. This time, Taylor and head coach Brian Daboll dialed up a quick pop-pass to TE Darren Waller.

Unfortunately for Giants fans, it appeared that Waller was held immediately off the line of scrimmage, and the Bills defender didn’t let go the entire play.

A play that would often draw a holding or pass interference call drew no penalties, as the referees held their flags in their pockets just one play after they threw them to continue the game.

The Giants are kicking themselves following this contest. Too many mistakes cost them a victory. Following the contest, social media wasn’t interested in your rational takes; they wanted to let out their outrage, rightfully so, regarding the no-call on Waller.

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