Al Michaels has been in the broadcast game for a long time. A legendary voice who has been a presence in many of our great sports memories over the years. From World Series calls to instant classic Super Bowls to Sunday Night Football matchups, Michaels has been one constant through it all.

Michaels spent 16 seasons with NBC and became the known and welcomed voice for all of our Sunday night viewing pleasure. However, since joining the team over at Amazon Prime’s “Thursday Night Football” coverage last season, some fans of the NFL have wondered whether his best days have since passed him by.

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Has Al Michaels Lost His Enthusiasm for the Game?

In last night’s thrilling matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars, the Saints saw themselves fall behind 24-9 in the third quarter. After a courageous effort to tie the game up at 24-24 — which turned an otherwise lopsided affair into a close one — many thought the energy needed from the booth was lacking from Michaels throughout the night.

After the Saints were able to knot the game up, the Jaguars delivered the night’s deciding moment when WR Christian Kirk took off for a 44-yard go-ahead touchdown to put the Jaguars out front for good. Michaels was less than enthused, especially for what the moment called for, and viewers did not enjoy the lack of emotion shown.

The moment was much bigger and deserved much more emotion than Michaels provided, and fans across the league took exception to the monotone approach to a game-changing play.

Michaels’ Lack of Energy Is Not an Isolated Incident

While last night is fresh on NFL fans’ minds, and the conversation will stem from last night’s lack of passion in the broadcast booth, last night was far from the first time fans took exception with the way Michaels called a game this season. In fact, last night brought two moments that should have invoked more emotion than what was displayed.

It may not be fair to question Michaels’ love or passion for the game, but as football grows and new talent is added to the broadcast booth, fans are becoming more drawn in by the people who present big moments with passion.

Not everybody is going to match Gus Johnson’s energy or be as excited as Tony Romo, but many have become used to a standard set by Michaels himself, and the feeling is that he is not reaching the level to which we have become accustomed.

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