With the NFL trade deadline fast approaching, it wouldn’t be right if the Dallas Cowboys name wasn’t thrown in the mix for an NFL star. With Dallas coming off of a bye week, some in the media believe there are pieces the Cowboys could add to help them this season.

Such is the case with NFL Network personality and sports media legend Rich Eisen. Eisen has a name in mind that the Cowboys should go and get before the deadline hits, and it certainly is an intriguing one.

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Rich Eisen Suggests Cowboys Trade for Derrick Henry

On an episode of The Rich Eisen Show, Eisen spoke about why Dallas should make a run for Tennessee Titans star running back Derrick Henry.

When looking at the prospects of the road ahead for the Cowboys and who is in front of stopping them from making a Super Bowl run for the first time in 28 years, Eisen thinks Henry may be able to help stop the drought.

“It just seems like they’re missing one, one guy. If Jerry Jones is saying I’m 80, and I need one more, and I’mma do it, just screw it, flip what you need to the Titans, put a star on the side of Henry’s helmet, and say, now, now, folks will be like ‘oh, okay.’”

While it seems as if Eisen is just spitballing and this is more of a conversation amongst friends rather than a concrete plan the Cowboys plan to execute, Eisen still believes Henry could be a difference-maker for Dallas if they were able to swing it.

Is It Feasible for the Cowboys To Get Henry?

It may sound nice to think about, but the prospects of doing such a move seem far more like a fairytale than reality. Henry’s salary is $10.5 million this year, and the Cowboys starting running back, Tony Pollard, is making $10.1 million this season as well.

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Now that it’s midseason, the cap hit would be smaller for Dallas to absorb, but it would take some give-and-take from Tennessee for the Cowboys to lock it in.

Eisen is right in his thought process that Jones isn’t getting any younger, though. If Mr. Jones thinks that Henry is the missing piece to a Super Bowl run, then nobody should rule out the idea of him doing so.

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