In honor of Halloween, people are getting in the spirit and dressing up for the holiday. Such is the case with the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football crew on Tuesday, as each member of the crew got dressed up and participated in the festivities.

One particular costume, however, was executed perfectly. GMFB host Jamie Erdahl took the opportunity to wear the costume of the latest Super Bowl halftime show performer and make a bit of an announcement herself.

Jamie Erdahl Reveals Pregnancy Dressed as Rihanna

The most recent Super Bowl saw the superstar, Grammy-winning artist Rihanna, rock the stage at halftime. While doing so, the artist made an announcement to the world that she was pregnant at the time of the performance. It was a touching tribute and a surprising moment for the world to find out on the biggest stage.

Fast forward to today, and Erdahl decided to pay homage to that moment by making an announcement of her own — a very cool moment for the show.

“I’m not going to be Rihanna. I am embodying Rihanna,” Erdahl opened with.

“And the costume began with the origination of, really, the idea that the list of self-made musical billionaires has grown to two that are affiliated with the NFL: Taylor Swift now and, of course, Rihanna was the original.

“She also was pregnant when she performed the Super Bowl halftime show in February, and that’s where I began my costume, as well, because I am pregnant. I’m about halfway there, so we’ve got a spring GMFB baby coming our way.”

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It was a touching tribute and a heartfelt moment for the GMFB crew as she took the opportunity to let the world in on her little secret.

The NFL fandom looks to be getting a new fan just in time for the new season.

Who Is Jamie Erdahl?

Jamie Marie Erdahl-Buckman is a longtime sports reporter who is currently with NFL Network, as well as CBS Sports. Before becoming the host of Good Morning Football on NFL Network, she was the lead sideline reporter for the SEC on CBS.

Erdahl replaced the longtime host of GMFB, Kay Adams, who went on to host her own show, Up and Adams.

“I’ve said to my family and close circle of people that I feel like this has changed the trajectory of my career,” Erdahl said to The Athletic when the hiring was announced. “Not saying that it has changed it to the course of I’ll remain in studio, but it will open up, as long as I do well, a wide variety of things.”

Erdahl was born in Bloomington, Minnesota, and while she prides herself on being fair and objective in her reporting, she hasn’t been shy about her love for her hometown Minnesota Vikings.

Who Is Erdahl’s Husband?

Erdahl’s husband is Sam Buckman, a former University of Michigan football player from Mission Viejo, California. Currently, Buckman is out of the sports world and has a career in Sales.

The two began dating in 2014 before marrying in 2017. They currently have two children, with a third now officially announced to be on the way.

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