Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Simi Fehoko fired off a stirring warning ahead of what was billed as a revenge game for his offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Fehoko, now running routes for Moore with the Los Angeles Chargers, warned that a lit-up scoreboard at SoFi Stadium was imminent.

“Kellen wants to put up 100 points if he can,” Fehoko told The Athletic’s Charger insider Daniel Popper ahead of the Monday Night Contest. “And he’s going to keep scoring if he can.”

Unfortunately, his revenge attempt against the team that let him go for running an aggressive offense fell short. Moore’s offense settled for the following: just 17 points, a game-sealing interception by Stephon Gilmore, and finally, the Chargers’ offensive coordinator getting blasted by his former team’s fan base (and his own) after losing 20-17 in Inglewood.

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Fans Blast Kellen Moore as Chargers Offense Struggles

Charger fans and Cowboy fans joined forces to pile on the first-year Chargers offensive coordinator.

On the Chargers’ side, one fan told the Guilty as Charged podcast that Moore’s play-calling has become questionable.

“Kellen Moore’s play calling at end of games is questionable at best. You could have probably dinked and dunked your way down the field with throws to [Austin] Ekeler rather than having Herbert being a sitting duck for the pass rush. Three chances to comeback to win or tie, Chargers offense is 0-3,” the fan posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Cowboys, though, had fans who let Moore have it online.

One other Cowboy fan, however, denies Dallas misses Moore.

How Bad Did It Get for Moore’s Offense Against Dallas?

In looking closely at the latest Chargers’ offensive output, it was a struggle all around.

In all four quarters, the Chargers never scored past eight. They settled for seven only in the first and final quarter.

While the Chargers scored on the opening drive, it was mostly set up by a Derius Davis 26-yard punt return. The Bolts settled for punts in the next four offensive possessions.

Then came their longest drive of the first half. L.A. kept the ball for 13 plays and got to the Dallas 16-yard line on a 19-yard strike from Justin Herbert to Keenan Allen. But Herbert witnessed his potential TD pass get denied by DaRon Bland on a questionable fourth-down call near the end zone.

Moore’s offense witnessed the versatile Ekeler get contained for 27 yards, then watched his run offense only settle for 53 yards. Not one Charger receiver, even Allen, surpassed 85 yards receiving. And it all ended with two critical pass-rush sequences dialed up by the man who once had an offense next to Moore in Dallas: Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

First, Micah Parsons goes from having a sackless evening to getting his first at the most opportune moment. Then, that pass rush turns up in a sequence where Moore called curl routes…only to find Stephon Gilmore jumping on it.

The warning was there before the game by a former Cowboy: Moore couldn’t wait to take it out on the team that got rid of him. Instead, Charger fans took it out on Moore…leaving Dallas fans to sit back and watch a new fan base roast Moore.

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