NFL Championship Update: Rating The 7 Best Running Backs

The tournament-favorite running backs will be heading against each other to confirm their team’s ticket for the Super Bowl. We have jotted down all of it for the football freaks, and in the next section, you will get our top seven running back rankings, who will take part in the NFC championship!

7. Samaje Perine

The running back from the Cincinnati Bengals has made several marks of his professionalism and contributed to his team’s victory with a powerful stat of 38 receptions, 95 attempts, 6 touchdowns, 681 total yards, and 394 rushing yards.

6. Elijah Mitchell

The running back hails from the San Fransisco 49ers, who are known for his diverse and dynamic match tactics. As of 2022, he owns 2 touchdowns, 45 attempts, a massive 6.2 yards per run during the five seasons, and 279 rushing yards. But the player had to miss 18 out of the 34 crucial matches. Still, there’s a ray of light for his fans as he will make his comeback in the tournament on Sunday. 

5. Jerick McKinnon

At number 5, we have Jerick McKinnon from Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, the player had to miss two entire seasons, 2018 and 2019, due to his injury but later, he shined with his stunning stats of 803 total yards, 291 rushing yards, 10 touchdowns, 72 attempts, and 512 receiving yards. He will even be considered a threat for the upcoming match against Cincinnati Bengals.

4. Isiah Pacheco

The young rookie from the team Kansas City Chiefs has managed to get a record of 750 total yards with four touchdowns over the nine-season games that he played. He has an impressive record of five touchdowns, 960 total yards, 830 rushing yards, 13 receptions, and 170 attempts. He reportedly covered 95 rushing yards in just 12 attempts against the Jaguars.

3. Joe Mixon

The 3rd ranking is grabbed by another running back of Cincinnati Bengals; However, the player is always underestimated; as per his recent records, he has 9 touchdowns, 1255 total yards, 210 attempts, 60 receptions, and a massive 814 rushing yards. He also has a huge stat of pursuing 1200 total yards, which is his fourth time in a row during the past six seasons. He was the leading player behind Cincinnati’s win against the Buffalos, where he covered 105 yards on 20 attempts.

2. Miles Sanders

The player from the Philadelphia Eagles has always been at top positions regarding the playoff rankings. Sanders has a record of rushing 17 times for a distance of 90 yards in a recent match against the Giants. He has pulled up great stats on his knapsack, with an impressive score of 11 touchdowns, 1269 yards, and an average of 4.9.

1. Christian McCaffrey

At number 1, we have Christian McCaffrey from the San Francisco 49ers, and he owns a stunning record of 1880 total yards, 1139 rushing yards, an insane 244 attempts, and 13 touchdowns. He continues to dominate the tournament; reportedly, he ran for 136 yards in the recent NFL wild-card round. However, the player had a minor calf injury during the last match.

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