Nathan Rourke bids adieu to BC Lions

The popular Canadian football youngster, Nathan Rourke will now be playing onwards for the team Jacksonville Jaguar, leaving BC Lion, the team in which he has been playing for around 2 years. As per the recent reports of the Canadian quarterback, he is up for a three-year agreement with the Jaguar franchise.

According to his tweet, he says, “I want to apologize for keeping many of you in suspense but my corner and I wanted to make sure we did our due diligence and explored every option thoroughly”. ” After much prayer and deliberation, I will be signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars.” He also added, “I am looking forward to getting to work with my new teammates and coaches.”

Did Rourke leave CFL for a great deal of money?

Rourke would be paid an annual amount of $750,000, $915,000, and $1.030 million if he successfully accomplishes the deal with NFL. The Jaguar franchise has even offered him a handsome amount of guaranteed hard cash, though the exact amount is still not confirmed!

However, Rourke says that it was solely his aspiration to collaborate with the NFL officials so that he could manage to get some new experience with his football fantasy. He also added a post in his Instagram, which says, “Ultimately my decision came down to my commitment to the pursuit of the dream I first had as a youngster watching Brett Favre win Super Bowls.”

Rourke’s unparalleled journey with CFL came to end: breaking the hearts of many

Lion’s former quarterback Rourke has always been known for his huge contributions to CFL, he gained popularity for setting up benchmark records during the last season. He was the leading star behind the winning over of the Lions against the team Calgary Stampeders during the semifinals.

Even the dedicated soul, Rourke, has also undergone many severe injuries and surgeries back when he played for CFL against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, from making 255 complete passes out of 324 to running for 304 yards, Rourke has always made notable endeavors behind every game of the BC Lions.

And these were the very reasons that made him the first Quarterback to have the privilege of being CFL’s most exceptional Canadian. Fans will always hold a nostalgic experience for the former Lion as he has given so many memories to his fans while he was a part of the CFL.

What critics are saying about Rourke’s leave?

On such a crucial decision of team changing of the NFL’s star player, critics have put up a storm of talks where some of them are appreciating and patting the back of Rourke for his brave move while some are disseising him and are not happy for his leave from CFL and BC Lion. Apparently, it is assumed that he will get hold of a good position in Jaguar since the team has won five consecutive wins during the last season and has even conquest against the NFL Chargers over a great margin on Saturday night playoff.

Despite the fact that Rourke changed his club, it is still not going to lessen his popularity in any way as fans are still eagerly waiting to see his performance in the super tournament of super bowl as an NFL sleek. We wish Rouke all the very best for his new journey as a Jaguar.

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