Mahomes’ Family is more Excited for Rihanna than for Super Bowl 57

Yes!! It’s surprising but true; Rihanna is back on the live show by contradicting performing in the Super Bowl 57 halftime show. After a five-year hiatus from performing, Rihanna is again on the stage. Everyone is excited to look at her, including Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his family.

The Philadelphia Eagles and  Kansas City Chiefs are the star mark of the show…for some. For others, it’s halftime performer Pop Rihanna. Everyone is hyped and excited about the Super Bowl halftime show this year, and the hype surrounding the Grammy-winning pop star is real.

The halftime show itself has always had a main presenting sponsor. In 2023,  it’s Apple Music. So it’s officially the “Apple Music Halftime Show’’ and excited about Grammy Rihanna.

The Super Bowl is finally before us this Sunday. While every halftime show is great, some are better than others. This year? It’s going to be good—more than good. The Super Bowl halftime display is open to all this Sunday. You’ll want to see the Super Bowl 2023 on February 12, not just for the game, as it’s the Eagles versus Chiefs when Robyn Rihanna will perform there.

Now come to the main point: Mahomes’ family is more excited for Rihanna than the Super Bowl LVII:

Rihanna is one of the most hyped artists and multi-Grammy-winning singers. Everyone believes that that show will be stunning and excellent, though she is amazing. And so the Mahomes family is more excited not just for the game like Eagles versus Chiefs but for the performances.

Patrick Mahomes adds a surreal thing; his crazy family members became more excited and excited about Rihanna’s hot shows than his match. He also let his expression be known about Rihanna executing at the Super Bowl halftime show, but unfortunately, he won’t be able to watch it. 

Chiefs coach Andy Reid has created a great scope for the players to stay focused during halftime when Mahomes and his teammates watch Rihanna. But inside the locker room, they will be busy making game plans against the tough Philadelphia Eagles.

On Sunday, the main focus will be for them to achieve their third Super Bowl trophy, the second in the Mahomes era. As they lost in the 2021 Super Bowl LV, they keep an oath ahead of them to lift the Super Bowl trophy and Super Bowl ring in 2023.

About Grammy Pop Robyn Rihanna, at a glance

Robyn  Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian pop singer who has become a worldwide star. She is famous for her versatile voice with fashionable appearance. Her awards list:

  • Grammy Award (2011)
  • Grammy Award (2010)
  • Grammy Award (2009) and 
  • Grammy Award (2007).

Is it strange that Rihanna will perform in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show? 

Yes, it is. There is a sensible reason behind this. I want to go back in time. Rihanna didn’t like to support the National Football League because the league was coming off player protests started by Colin Kaepernick, who later was effectively embargoed by the NFL.

Later, Rihanna showed support for the players, who, along with Kaepernick, were protesting the systemic racism that penetrates policing and leads to the deaths of so many Black and brown people. Finally, after five years, we can see her on stage at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

No one can bring people together quite like the musical styling of Pop Rihanna. Ahead of the multi-Grammy-winning singer’s long-awaited return at State Farm Stadium on coming Sunday, fans from all 32 teams joined to perform a unique rendition of one of her hits.

Final Words

We all are excited to celebrate Rihanna. To get such news assigned to the Super Bowl, stay with us till 12 February.


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