Steeped in tradition that dates back generations, the list of college football rivalry games and rivalries is as old as the sport. Some have annual postseason implications, others have dominated the college football national championship race while many offer bragging rights and state pride.

List of College Football Rivalry Games

In alphabetical order of the rivalry game’s name, we have the Division I, or Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) rivalries.

With an attempt to not miss out on any rivalry game or rivalry, here is the full list.

College Football Rivalries With More Than Two Teams

It’s important to note that some rivalries include more than your standard two teams. The following rivalry series have typically been played with at least three schools, if not more.

Beehive Boot

Teams: BYU, Utah, Utah State (formerly included Weber State)
First Year: 1971

Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy

Teams: Air Force, Army, Navy
First Year: 1972

Florida Cup

Teams: Florida, Florida State, Miami (FL)
First Year: 2002

Michigan MAC Trophy

Teams: Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan
First Year: 2005

Northwest Championship

Teams: Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State
First Year: 1903

Old Ironsides

Teams: Penn State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia
First Year: n/a

Sacred Cod Trophy

Teams: Boston College, Boston University, Holy Cross
First Year: 1954

Tobacco Road

Teams: Duke, North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest
First Year: 1924

List of College Football FCS Rivalry Games

The College Football Rivalry Games include more than just those at the FBS level and some of the greatest rivalries in sports land within the confines of the FCS.

College Football FCS Rivalries With More Than Two Teams

Like the FBS rivalry series that include more than one team, the FCS is home to rivalries with more than one institute.

Big Three

Teams: Harvard, Princeton, Yale
First Year: 1877

Sgt. York Trophy

Teams: Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, UT-Martin (formerly with Austin Peay)
First Year: 2007

List of College Football Rivalry Games With FBS and FCS Teams

Some college football rivalry games extend beyond the confines of divisions. These rivalries include teams that battle each other from the FBS to FCS level.

List of Division II College Football Rivalry Games

Any list of college football rivalry games is far from complete without including all levels of action. The Division II college football rivalry games date back as far back as 1895 and have held some of the best and most exciting matchups of all time.

List of Division III College Football Rivalry Games

Similar to above, any list of college football rivalry games must include Division III rivalries as they’re some of the longest-running and oldest games in any sport across the world.

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