It won’t just be fans of the San Francisco 49ers or Minnesota Vikings tuning in to the Week 7 ManningCast of the Monday Night Football contest. Fans of the New York Jets are likely to be glued to the screen, too.

The reason? As unveiled by Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers is expected to make an appearance.

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What Is the Latest Injury Update Regarding Aaron Rodgers?

Rodgers’ health has been among the big conversations across the NFL landscape, but it’s his recent appearance that gives off the notion he’s attempting to miraculously suit up before the season ends.

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Rodgers was last seen throwing the football around pregame before his Jets pulled off the upset against the previously unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles. The fact he was throwing the ball without crutches and appearing healthy sparked the notion Rodgers is way ahead of schedule in his recovery process.

Just six days ago, Rodgers provided an update on his current rehab process on his Instagram page. Rodgers, though, kept his update succinct by using the word “progress” in his caption.

However, the social media website wasn’t the only platform Rodgers used to provide an update. He appeared on The Pat McAfee Show as part of his weekly appearances there to share an update on Oct. 17.

Rodgers confirmed to his friend and ESPN personality McAfee that he’s “obviously way ahead of schedule.” However, he added that “hurdles” still remain before he’s officially given the green light to return to the field.

“Another marker is going to be jogging,” Rodgers explained. “And another marker is probably going to be going through a premium workout and getting on the practice field. And all these are going to take time. There’s critical markers that I have to hit.”

He explained how performing heel raises and then performing explosive movements are among the tests he has to go through.

“You have to hit a bunch of different things,” Rodgers said.

He concluded with, “We’ll see what happens. I’m not going to put a timetable on it.”

That update was almost a week ago. His upcoming appearance on the ManningCast with Peyton Manning and his Super Bowl-winning brother Eli Manning, though, could point to Rodgers providing some rehab updates on his Achilles tear.

Where Do the Jets Stand After Pivotal Losses For Division Opponents?

Whether or not Rodgers returns, the Jets received a huge benefit in their week off, courtesy of the Eagles and rival New England Patriots.

That’s because both knocked off the AFC East leaders in Week 7’s Sunday slate.

It began with the Pats stunning the Buffalo Bills 29-25 after entering Foxboro, Mass., with a dismal 1-5 record. Later on that evening, the division-leader Miami Dolphins were dismantled by the reigning NFC champion Eagles 31-17.

With the results, the Jets are now just two games behind Miami and one game behind the defending AFC East champion Bills. The Jets can now surpass .500 for the first time this season by defeating the New York Giants on Sunday in Week 8 with Rodgers watching.

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