Being the commissioner of the NFL certainly has its positives and negatives. It’s a way of life that the current man for the job Roger Goodell knows well. On one hand, you are booed mercifully and usually the face of anything that may have gone wrong or “unjust” for a team in the eyes of their fan base. On the other, you are paid handsomely for dealing with it.

Such is the case for Goodell, who according to reports will be getting another pay bump with his latest contract extension. Goodell has served in the commissioner role since 2006 and has reportedly received a three-year contract extension through March 2027.

Goodell, whose deal was set to expire in the spring of 2024, reportedly earned $63.9 million annually for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons, and the expectation is the new deal will exceed that number annually. This is the fourth extension for Goodell, with the previous extensions coming in 2009, 2012, and 2017.

While it looks like Goodell and his future as the commissioner is solidified, it has been met with mixed reviews across the league. However, one powerful owner is all in favor of the extension and doesn’t mind saying so.

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“I Think That’s a Really Outstanding Thing for Our League”

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of the most powerful gentlemen in the NFL. With that power comes influence, and when you have Jones on your side for anything, it usually is a good thing for you. Such is the case for Goodell and his extension as Jerry took to 105.3 The Fan in Texas to speak very highly of Goodell and the decision the league made in bringing him back.

Goodell is going on 17 years in his current role, and Jones understands what that experience means and how it can help the league continue to grow. While many over the years have had a difference of opinion with Goodell and his decisions — Jones included — the Cowboys’ owner is unshy about showing his belief in the commissioner and the job he has done thus far.

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Jones and Goodell famously bumped heads over the Ezekiel Elliott saga where the star running back was suspended six games after a lengthy appeal process, one in which Jones adamantly disagreed with the league’s handling of the situation.

Despite that, it looks to be water under the bridge as Jones has thrown his support behind the commissioner with an eye toward the future as they continue to grow the league we know and love.

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