Fortunately for Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys, they didn’t have to endure any controversial officiating calls last week as they were on a bye.

Unfortunately for Parsons and the rest of the league, the NFL was filled with questionable calls in multiple games. And it was enough for the All-Pro edge rusher to sound off on the current state of the league.

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Micah Parsons Claims ‘It Sucks’ To See What’s Missing From NFL Through Refs

Parsons called out the refs on his The Edge with Micah Parsons podcast, released Tuesday evening.

He believes the NFL is trekking toward a decline through one aspect of the game.

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“The league, I think, is going downward in the way of physicality, things people love to see, that made people excited to watch football. You’re missing those big hits…” Parsons said.

Parsons concluded with this strong take directed toward the officiating:

“It sucks that these refs are taking away the game.”

In all likelihood, Parsons watched what unfolded between the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns in the final minute — when Colts cornerback Darrell Baker was called for back-to-back penalties. One, though, came on a questionable pass interference call, which got fans believing the pass was uncatchable.

He also likely watched his next opponent, the Los Angeles Rams, be on the wrong end of the final measurement against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The last 2:20 of that contest at SoFi Stadium saw Kenny Pickett be given a much-debated spot that gave the Steelers the first down and the victory.

But Parsons also pointed out how major hits delivered by defenders like him are being eliminated by officials.

Parsons Gives Early Take on Rams Matchup

Parsons delivered one of his better 2022 performances in Inglewood last season.

His trip to LA happened to be one of his six two-sack games of the season before ending the year with 13.5 and his second Pro Bowl nod.

That Rams team, though, was ravaged by injuries, especially along the offensive line. The 2023 Rams are currently 3-4, have stayed healthy, and have watched late-round rookie Puka Nacua emerge as one of the top breakout stars of the league.

“Rams games are always fun,” Parson said. “And it’s always a chance for me to see the greatest football player of my generation, Aaron Donald, play.”

He’s also hoping for this final outcome:

“Hoping I can swap jerseys with him. He’s been my idol for so long.”

But overall, Parsons anticipates it will be a “fun matchup” with the Rams heading to Arlington.

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