Life is so much bigger than just football. However, when real life and the sport collide, like in the case of Damar Hamlin, it can have a massive impact on the world as a whole. Since Hamlin’s injury situation unfolded on a nationally televised game for all to see, he has since gotten stronger, put it behind him, and put the pads back on as he gets back to normalcy.

While Hamlin has not had a massive impact on the Buffalo Bills‘ season in 2023, the fact he was strong enough to get back to playing NFL football is a testament to the person he is and the courage he has.

With the story pivoting to being more about strategy rather than medical precaution, the question is begged — Will Hamlin be suiting up tonight? Let’s take a closer look.

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Will Damar Hamlin Play in Week 8?

So far this season, Hamlin has only been active for one game, and that was due to injuries at the safety position the Bills were facing in Week 4. Hamlin had not played in the three games leading up to that matchup and has not played again since that Week 4 appearance.

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While the Bills prepare to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football, nothing has been indicated that Hamlin would be up and active for today’s matchup.

This could change as situations evolve throughout the day, but the anticipation is that Hamlin will not be involved in this week’s action.

Hamlin’s Time May Be Coming

Things can change quickly in the NFL. At one moment, you’re consistently inactive on the game-day roster, and the next, you’re active and potentially getting the start.

The sport preaches the next man up mantra, and while it sounds like a cliché, it rings true every Sunday.

While Hamlin’s impact has been minimal in 2023, that doesn’t mean that his services will not be needed at some point this season. Given the nature of football, the odds favor that Buffalo probably will.

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Hamlin — probably more than anybody — understands the idea of taking the day-by-day approach. With that in mind, his opportunity to make an impact on the season may be right around the corner.

What Happened to Damar Hamlin?

In what was one of the scariest moments of the season last year, anyone who follows the NFL knows what life-changing event happened to Hamlin in 2022. Hamlin had an on-field medical situation called commotion carditis after taking a hit from Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins in Week 17.

Thankfully, the Bills’ medical staff performed the appropriate practices on him on the spot to help save his life.

Quarterback Josh Allen recently opened up about the entire Hamlin situation, describing the emotions he felt when it happened.

“You’d never suspect that, right? Like what was going on?” Allen said on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast. “S*** that we were hearing from the training staff and the paramedics that were, you know, working on him, I mean, it’s just like, set in after about 45 seconds standing out there like what’s going on?

“Like he’s OK, and then all of a sudden, you hear some stuff, and it was nuts.”

Hamlin is now recovered and healthy and has since moved on with his life as he helps bring awareness and inspiration to those around the world.

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