How much are tickets to the Chiefs vs. Eagles Super Bowl Game

Get hyped: Super Bowl 57 is coming soon! Let’s celebrate the biggest (and most exciting) day of football by attending this epic event. Come join us on February 12 for a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss!

Brace yourself because it’s going to cost ya!

It looks like football fans are ready for some action! With the upcoming game between Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, ticket demand is skyrocketing. And if you’re planning to join in on the fun, you better start saving now – prices for these sought-after tickets have been rising fast.

Looking to grab the best deal on Super Bowl 57 tickets? Check out Gametime for cozy $4,638 seats – that’s before any fees. Stubhub might be your second-best bet at a slightly higher cost of $4,905 (fees not disclosed). And if you’re looking to pay in between those two prices… TicketSmarter offers great pricing with an initial offer of just over 4 grand and change ($5k+ when all said and done)! SeatGeek comes close behind at around the same price as TicketSmart but adds a few extra Benjamins onto their fee total. Lastly… save some serious coin on last-minute purchases; get your hands on ’em via Ticketmaster, where they come steeply discounted IF you don’t mind spending nearly 6K once everything is added up!

If you want the ultimate Super Bowl 57 experience, be prepared to shell out some serious cash! Gametime is offering a premium package at $23,320 – but that doesn’t include fees which could make it as expensive as $31K. Stubhub’s prices are on par with those figures, while TicketSmarter offers just under 22 grand (all-inclusive). Lastly, SeatGeek and Ticketmaster sit somewhere between these two offers if your pockets aren’t quite so deep!

Get ready for an exciting Super Bowl 57! According to TicketSmarter, you can join the fun and get a ticket at an average price of $8,761 – almost 1k cheaper than last year’s game. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience it firsthand!


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