Fox News thinks that President Biden will turn down the usual Super Bowl interview

Though we are still unsure, we assumed that President Biden might not sit for the Super Bowl interview.

A person at Fox News who knows about the situation said that President Joe Biden has not yet agreed to an interview before the Super Bowl. This means that the Democrats may break with the tradition of giving an interview to the network that is showing the big game.

It seems that most people have plans for Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII, but President Biden and Fox News don’t as Fox has informed CNN that Biden disagreed with the interview unexpectedly.

During his time in office, Fox News asked Biden many times for an interview, but he always said no. That’s probably because of how Tucker Carlson and other extremists on the right-wing channel talk about him and his administration. During Biden’s first year in office, Fox News has not been very nice to him.

If Biden had an interview with Fox News before the Super Bowl, it would almost definitely be with Bret Baier, a more established and traditional news anchor, albeit one with a conservative bias.

The conservative critics on Fox News aren’t the only ones that Biden has taken issue with. Even Fox News’ White House correspondent has gotten into it with the President, who referred to him as a “dumb son of a bitch” in January 2022. At a later time, Biden called Doocy to say sorry.

In response to a question about whether or not Biden will meet with the conservative network before the big game, a White House official declined to comment.

In 2004, Jim Nantz spoke with George W. Bush for the CBS network. Five years later, President Barack Obama did an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer. Since then, the president has joined the Super Bowl pregame show almost every year.

After calling NBC “fake news,” Donald Trump skipped an interview with the network when the Super Bowl was on NBC in 2018, but he grabbed the attention a year later on CBS.

During Obama’s presidency, Bill O’Reilly did the Super Bowl pregame interviews, whereas Sean Hannity spoke to Trump when Fox broadcast the event in 2020. However, Fox will get ready to show the Super Bowl this year without the president. And as time goes on, there is less chance that Biden and his team will decide on giving an interview with Fox.

However, this week, Biden has done at least two interviews, one with PBS NewsHour and one with Telemundo. If he doesn’t show up, it would be even more surprising.


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